Green Emotional About Arrival in Big D

Former LSU wide receiver Skyler Green was a little emotional after he found out he had finally made it to the National Football League.'s Brett Jensen spoke with wide receiver Skyler Green, the fourth overall pick of the Dallas Cowboys, in an exclusive interview hours after he was selected with the 125th overall pick.

How does it feel knowing you're going to play for the most famous football team in the world?
Green: "Being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, I'm just ready to come to Dallas and play some football for them and with some of my teammates from LSU. We're going to get back together and hopefully we can bring a championship to the Cowboys."

Offensively, there's a lot of big-time people in place already, especially with T.O. What's that going to be like joining that crew as a rookie?
Green: "That's a big crew. I'm just ready to meet those guys and get to know those guys so I can show them the kind of football player that they're taking into their football team."

Do you see yourself being primarily a returner or do you think you'll play a lot at receiver?
Green: "I see myself being a punt returner/wide receiver and getting into the mix as soon as possible to show and prove myself to the coaches in practice that I'm ready, willing and able to be a leader on that football team."

This must be a dream come true. It wasn't that long ago that you had to deal with all the hurricane issues. Now, you're a Dallas Cowboy.
Green: "At first I just wanted to get drafted because not a lot of guys get drafted. I've been playing football since I was 6-years-old, and for me to get this accomplished … it's been a long road for me to get here (Green starts to get emotional), so I'm very, very glad that I'm here. But I've got a lot of work to do to get better and I'm going to do it."

Cowboys VP of College and Pro Scouting Jeff Ireland on Skyler Green:
"I definitely think he can get in the mix at receiver. Right now where he helps our football team is kick returner and punt returner. He's a very versatile athlete. He reminded me a little bit of Dante Hall when I was with the Kansas City Chiefs. I think the kid is pretty versatile." will have more on new Cowboys wide receiver Skyler Green following this weekend's rookie mini-camp at Valley Ranch. The first practice is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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