Hatcher Can't Wait to Get to Dallas

The Cowboys third round draft pick, DE Jason Hatcher, was so excited to get a call from Jerry Jones, he actually hung up on him.

The Ranch Report's Brett Jensen spoke with defensive end Jason Hatcher, the third overall pick of the Dallas Cowboys, in an exclusive interview after he was selected with the 92nd overall pick.

When Jerry Jones called you, what did he say to you and how did the conversation go?
Hatcher: "Actually, when he mentioned my name, I really broke down and I was so excited I hung the phone up in his face on accident. He asked if I was looking forward to being a Cowboy and that he was looking forward to working with me."

He didn't get mad that you hung up on him, did he?
Hatcher: "He knows that I was excited, now. That's one man that I did want to talk to. It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to him. It was just an accident."

You were a defensive end at Grambling, but there is talk you could be moved to outside linebacker or even other positions. Is that alright with you?
Hatcher: "They haven't told me anything. I'm just going in and I'm willing to do whatever those guys want me to do. I know they'll put me at the right place where they need me to make plays."

Have you ever played linebacker?
Hatcher: "I've played linebacker, but it was in high school. I always played at defensive end in college. If they need me to play at outside linebacker, I can. I think I've got the speed and I definitely have the work ethic."

What does it mean to you to be coming from a small school like Grambling and getting drafted by the Dallas Cowboys?
Hatcher: "It means a lot. I've gotten a lot of negativity and obstacles in my life with people saying that I wasn't going to make it and that I was just going to have to sit around during the draft because the draft experts got me going in the late rounds. I feel real good. I've proved a lot of people wrong, now I've just got to continue to do it and I'm real glad the Dallas Cowboys gave me a chance to do it."

VP of College and Pro Scouting Jeff Ireland on Jason Hatcher:
"He came in (to Grambling) as a receiver. He's grown immensely over his last four years in college. He's a good basketball player. He's only played really two years there at the defensive end position at Grambling. He's still getting his legs under him. But when you watch the tape he shows tremendous ability to rush the passer. He's played on both sides of the ball which is a key. I look at him as a guy who can really bolster your pass rush in either position, whether he's in a four-technique or out wide in the four man front."

TheRanchReport.com will have more on new Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher following this weekend's rookie mini-camp at Valley Ranch. The first practice is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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