Stanley Likes His Chances in Dallas

Sixth round draft pick Montavious Stanley tells he likes his chances with the Cowboys, even as a rookie nose guard.

The Ranch Report's Brett Jensen spoke with defensive tackle Montavious Stanley, the sixth overall selection of the Dallas Cowboys, in an exclusive interview after he was selected with the 182nd overall pick.

You played mostly tackle in college, but in the 3-4 defense, you'll be a nose guard. Do you like that?
Stanley: "It really doesn't matter, but I feel like I can help them a whole lot. The nose guard's job is real simple – just be the guy in front of you. I'm very comfortable with it because that's the shortest route to the quarterback, anyway. I love it. We played it a couple of times in college and I got at least three sacks from that position, so I think I'll be good at it."

You tore you pectoral muscle in your team's last game of the regular season, have undergone surgery and were only able to do some things at the combine. How is the rehab coming?
Stanley: "The rehab's coming along pretty good. I feel great. I've responded so well that I'm bench pressing now. I just feel great. Most teams probably don't believe it. That's why I want to thank Coach Parcells and Jerry Jones for believing in me and understanding that I've been working my tail off to come back 100 percent and be ready for mini camp."

Looking at the roster, it would seem like you've got a better chance than most sixth-round draftees to make the team.
Stanley: "I like my chances a whole lot because I'm familiar with the defense. I think my injury dropped me, but it may have been the best for both of us. People were doubting me because of my injury, so that's going to give me a little chip on my shoulder when I go in there. Not only do I plan on making the team, but going in there and contributing."

What did Parcells and Jones say to you when they called you?
Stanley: "They asked how I was doing and if the injury has given me any problems during the workouts. I told them no and that I feel 100 percent and that I'm just working on strengthening it right now."

Cowboys VP of College and Pro Scouting Jeff Ireland on Montavious Stanley:
"He's a big, strong guy. He's probably one of the strongest defensive linemen we saw. Pretty good motor. Very strong. Uses his hands. Definitely a 3-4 nose tackle. You have Ferguson in there now, and you can't leave him in there every single play. So getting bigger in there was a priority for us."

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