Skyler Green: On the Run

Diminutive return specialist Skyler Green plans to take advantage of speed with the Cowboys.

Maybe Bill Parcells should be a stand-up comedian. The Cowboys' head coach said Friday -- and again Sunday --that Skyler Green, the return specialist/wide receiver Dallas drafted in the fourth round last weekend, is "too fat."

We all should have such flaws.

The 5-foot-9 Green weighed in at 197 pounds, and appears to not have a single ounce of fat on his frame. He has very good pure speed, and has explosive acceleration, hitting his top speed in just a couple of steps. Yet his new boss thinks he's fat?

"Everyone knows Coach Parcells is tough," Green said. "He said he wants me down to 185, so I'll be at 185. Whatever he wants, that's where I'll be."

Green is not without experience playing for a taskmaster of a coach. Until the 2005 season, he played in Baton Rouge under now-Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban, the former NFL assistant with a reputation as a strict disciplinarian in his own right.

"Everyone said Coach Parcells is a lot like Coach Saban," Green said. "I thought 'I could get used to that again.' They're both tough coaches, and they both expect a lot from you, but that's just because they both can see what you can be if you put in the work. I'll put in the work."

Like many players, Green said he was grateful just to be drafted. But the fact that it was the Cowboys who chose to spend a draft pick on him made the selection much more of an honor, he said.

"It was really exciting, because I grew up watching the Cowboys," Green said. "I idolized Emmitt Smith. I was a great running back when I was younger, and I always wanted to be like him, to play for the Cowboys. To get the chance now, I'm very fortunate."

While his initial impact likely will be in the return game -- Parcells said Friday he'd like to pencil Green in as the team's startin punt returner at the beginning of the season -- Green said he plans to be an asset on offense, too.

"I've always been a punt returner," he said. "I took my first punt in college back for a touchdown, and I was in there ever since, and became the No. 1 returner on our team. So I know they want me to do that here, too. But it's not like that's all I can do. I plan to be in there on offense, too, as a slot receiver. I've got work to do, but I can play there, too."

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