Q & A with Roy Williams

Former Oklahoma safety Roy Williams talks about adjusting to the NFL, fighting off women, playing dominoes with Emmitt Smith, and various other topics with James Hale.

JH: Talk about your how important it is to take care of your body in the NFL.

RW: It's a business and you've got to take care of your body. Going out and drinking can kill your body. If you drink it will poison your body, which I don't. That's your lifeline.

JH: How is your adjustment to the NFL game coming along?

RW: I'm feeling comfortable with my surroundings. Darren Woodson is a wonderful leader and a great mentor for me.

JH: How are you fitting into the Cowboys secondary?

RW: It's the same defense, just with different terminology and the way they word it. The speed, it's not that big of a difference. I haven't seen it fully yet, because we haven't gone full pads. Right now, I' getting comfortable. I can tell it's a little different, but I'm coping very well with it. I'm just me. I like to have fun (laughs). My little nephew just farted over there that's why I giggled.

JH: Does the fact that the speed isn't that much of a difference for you speak great things about your abilities?

RW: I'm just trying to adapt to my surroundings and have a good time out there. I don't like to get outworked or beat, so I just have to step my game up.

JH: Who has impressed you on the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys?

RW: The whole offense is looking good. We've got a new offense and everybody is looking good. These are people I was watching when I was growing up. They're the real deal. Our receivers and Emmitt, the offensive line, are working hard in the summer workouts. Everything is looking real good for us right now.

JH: What has it been like to be around a guy like Emmitt Smith?

RW: Emmitt is a real good guy. I watched him play dominoes. When I played him the first time I skunked him. It's a good thing, but don't get me wrong, he came back and beat me by like 20 points. We're having a good time.

JH: Are the veterans going out of there way to make you feel like part of the team?

RW: Oh, yes, most definitely. They've won a lot of Super Bowls and they know what it takes to win. They know what it takes to win and they'll open there arms to anybody.

JH: What are the major differences in pro and college football?

RW: Basically, we're under the microscope 24/7. It gets blown up more in the NFL. You have more distractions like women trying to set you up and trying to bring you down. They're out there and they try. You go to a club and everybody thinks you're an millionaire when you're in the NFL. Everybody's going to try to get at you, pull at you for stuff. It's just really crazy. Every minute, every second there's a decision you have to make.

JH: Do you ever talk to any of your old teammates about next year's team?

RW: I was over at Tommie Harris' house yesterday. He was on a couple of covers of magazines, and I was reading it and I read a quote from Teddy Lehman. He said, "We're going to miss Rocky and Roy, but I think we're going to be a whole lot more athletic this year." I looked at Tommie and laughed because he said that. That's good, I hope they are. I'm not going to do anything but push for them. But dang, that was a big comment right there. It was just funny to me (laughs). They won't miss us. They're going to do a hell of a job this year, just watch.

JH: What do you do when you come back to Norman?

RW: When I come back I like to see my sister and my little nephew. I'll go see my friend at OU - Don Bradley. I went bowling with some of my boys from the team this year. I like to get out and see friends, because they were with me from day one and I like to get back.

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