Cowboys Wrap Up QB School

The Cowboys concluded the last day of their final 3-day QB School Thursday afternoon at Valley Ranch. CB Pat Dennis and Rookie WR Antonio Bryant went at each other for a bit, as tempers flare, and players start gearing up for training camp.

* Rookie WR Antonio Bryant and CB Pat Dennis got into a bit Thursday afternoon during the the final QB School Practice session. The two faced off in a one-on-one drill, when Dennis wouldn't let Bryant go as he tried to cut across the middle of the field.

Bryant's jersey was ripped and he didn't catch the ball as he was basically knocked down in mid-stride.

The following play saw Bryant run right into Dennis to force him off, as he caught a 5-yard out pattern cleanly in the endzone. Afterwards, there was a heated exchanges of words between the two, but nothing serious developed.

Just goes to show you how things are heating up around Valley Ranch as training camp looms directly on the horizon. Quite honestly, its been a while since we've seen that kind of intensity around these parts- especially this early in the summer.

* Peppi Zellner continues to look dazzling this week as he tries to keep Ebenezer Ekuban from reclaiming his starting role. This writer still thinks the smart money is on Zellner. The coaching staff is giving him every opportunity to start, and he is clearly making the best of it out on the practice fields.

* Char-ron Dorsey, Robert Thomas, and Pete Hunter all missed practice for the second consecutive day with minor ailments.

* Campo was pleased with the team's performance overall Tuesday afternoon, "We pushed through it out here today, much better than the last two days. The way we practice the next two days will be like a normal day at training camp," said Campo.

* The Cowboys practice tomorrow under "training camp like conditions." It will be a full day of practicing, instead of just a morning. "We'll have something going in the morning as well as the afternoon, and we'll go right up until six o'clock," said Dave Campo. The idea is to get the team in the mindset of what it will be like during training camp later this month.

The Cowboys begin their last mini-camp, which will last 3 days, first thing tomorrow morning.

* FB Jamar Martin has been getting a good look at first team fullback with Robert Thomas being out, but he still has some work to do in the eyes of the coaching staff.

"Martin still has a ways to go, he's got some athletic talent, but we'll have to see. The good thing is that he's getting all the reps out here with Robert Thomas being out. We wanted him to work on catching the ball out of the backfield, and he's been doing well in that department," noted Campo. "But it's still way to early to tell with him."

* Dave Campo had the following to say about Chad Hutchinson in his post practice interview, "I like Hutchinson, I think he's made a lot of progress, but I still think he's had a ways to go too. I'm not extremely excited at this point because we haven't had people flying around at him yet."

That's the thing, this is the time of year where alot of teams are talking about improvement and winning, even though the pads have yet to go on. Campo has been reluctant to praise any one player significantly, simply because of that fact- and rightfully so.

Guys like Antonio Bryant, Andre Gurode, and Bryant Westbrook have all looked great in shorts, but once the pads go on and the hitting commences, we'll know for sure just what the Cowboys have this season.

One thing is for sure, it has become crystal clear that rookie wide receiver Antonio Bryant won't be backing down from anyone this season. He has a fiery spirit that is hard to match, and that was proven once again on the football field this afternoon when he confronted veteran cornerback Pat Dennis on more than one occasion.

You hate to make the comparison, but so many people are talking about Bryant and Michael Irvin. Their works habits, personality, and on the field play are indeed quite similar. We'll have to wait and see about that offensive production before making any bold predictions, but things are certainly looking up for the guy since the draft.

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