Tuna Talk

IRVING, TX. - Dallas head coach Bill Parcells met with the media once again Sunday afternoon at Valley Ranch. Among the topics of discussion include comments on Tony Romo, Greg Ellis and an overall look at the NFC East.

ROMO READY?: With Tony Romo beating out Drew Henson for the back up quarterback position last year during training camp, there is growing speculation that he will be able to do the same thing again this year, possibly even more.

When asked if Romo is ready to take that proverbial next step, Bill Parcells said Sunday afternoon, "I'm very hopeful that it comes along very soon. I'm hoping. I'm hopeful that he shows enough to be confident to play him. I'm very hopeful of that. I'm not declaring anything here but I'm hopeful.

"The way he's been brought into the league was really in his own best self-interest. Had he been thrown to the wolves he probably would be looked upon a little differently than he is now."

Parcells also said his goal is allow him to see more playing time during the preseason. "We'll see. I'm hopeful to play him a lot in the preseason and we'll see how it goes," he said.

SUPER BOWL EXPECTATIONS? After several comments from players that the Cowboys are ready to challenge for the Super Bowl this season, Parcells sent a clear message regarding his thoughts on the matter Sunday.

"I tell them to put it on tape and let the fans and opponents and the media and let everybody see it," he said. "Put it on the tape and let everybody see it. That's what I tell them about that.

"There's too much talking in pro football."

SEE YOU IN OXNARD: After answering questions for 13 minutes, Bill Parcells concluded his final press conference before the start of training camp by telling the media: "See you in Oxnard."

EXTRA POINTS: Parcells said that he feels all teams in the NFC East are in the "same boat." ... Trying to downplay the ongoing Greg Ellis saga, Parcells said, "Players chase stats because they think that's going to get them more money and media chase controversy because that's what sells. ... At the end of the day it's a team competition. If a player will work at his job and work at his craft and things will fall into place for you. Work at your craft. Produce at the best level you can and help your team win."

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