Sunday Mini-camp Insider News & Notes

IRVING, TX. - At least he was on time Sunday. But free agent RB Demetrius Summers (South Carolina) continued to dazzle the coaches in the wrong ways this weekend. In a Sunday morning pass-receiving drill, the running backs ran pass routes before catching passes from RBs coach Anthony Lynn.

• Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Keylon Kincade, Tyson Thompson and Lousaka Polite all raced through the first route and made their catch. The last to go was Summers, who cruised through the route as if stuck in second gear. He didn't sprint, he didn't jump for the pass and half-heartedly extended one hand as the ball sailed over his head. Lynn interrupted the drill, telling the rookie "Come back and do it again – you're not running today." Summers retreated to his starting spot and ran a little harder the second time …. and dropped a pass that hit him in the hands. Lynn looked anything but impressed.

• When then-Steeler Antwaan Randle El threw an option pass for a touchdown in the Super Bowl, some speculated that teams in the copycat NFL might utilize similar plays more often this season. If Dallas chooses to do that, they have a couple of WRs who have legitimate passing arms. After running deep routes, Terry Glenn and J.R. Tolver repeatedly fired fast, low, tight-spiraled passes back to the QBs. The QBs never had to move a single step to field the throws.

• TE Jason Witten, who made a calm, one-handed grab over the shoulder near the sideline, and WR Ahmad Merritt, who snagged the back end of the ball on a pass over the middle, were early contenders for "catch of the day" honors. That was until J.R. Tolver ran a deep out route against free agent safety Marcus Coleman. Tolver cut inside Coleman and curled around behind him, absorbed a shove from Coleman and reached up over his head with his right hand stabbing the ball out of the air with one hand like a center fielder trying pulling back a home run. His teammates – including Coleman – howled their approval.

• Similar praise was offered up for RB Keylon Kincade, who caught a screen pass and completely undressed LBs Rocky Boiman and Bradie James with a series of quick fakes and cuts. One teammate offered his help, telling the mystified LBs "turn around – he's behind you."

• One player who appears to be starting to apply his new knowledge to his physical tools is rookie FS Pat Watkins. Blessed with very good speed and extraordinary height, Watkins repeatedly stayed with receivers step-for-step before reaching out his long arms to knock passes away.

• WR Terrell Owens made his most impressive grab of the camp Sunday morning. While changing directions, Owens and CB Jacques Reeves got their feet tangled up, causing Owens to lose his balance. Before hitting the turf, Owens maintained his concentration and reached up to snag the pass over Reeves' head.

• OT Flozell Adams did a little more Sunday than he did Friday and Saturday. Lined up again with the first-string offensive line. He even got out and pulled on a couple of sweeps, although he looked very tentative and moved gingerly on his still-healing knee.

• Free agent K Ryan Rossner – in town on a tryout basis, hoping to earn a spot as the team's kickoff specialist – showed vast improvement Sunday, at least in terms of the height and distance of his kickoffs. He repeated Saturday's struggles by corkscrewing several off the side of the field, but after a brief consultation with K Mike Vanderjagt, started booming kickoffs deep into the end zone. He was anything but consistent – the sidewinding misfires didn't go away entirely – but when he got ahold of one, he was crushing the ball. P Mat McBriar, fielding the kicks in the end zone along with LS Louis-Philippe Ladouceur, stood on the back line of the end zone, and one Rossner moonshot flew by McBriar by a good 10-12 yards.

• If Sunday's practice session was any indication, the team already might have established his starting defensive line. When the first-team defense was on the field, NT Jason Ferguson was flanked by second-year DEs Chris Canty and Marcus Spears.

• If the Cowboys stick to their plan to play DE Greg Ellis (6-foot-6, 271) at OLB in some situations, the team conceivably could have two of the biggest OLBs in the league on the field at the same time. In some drills Sunday, Ellis and third-year veteran Junior Glymph (6-6, 270) lined up at OLB to rush the passer. Have fun blocking – or throwing over – that pair.

• The media frenzy surrounding WR Terrell Owens' arrival seemingly has subsided, at least until training camp. Whereas more than 80 media members swarmed the team's newest star Friday, an estimated 25 reporters and cameras showed up Sunday.

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