Cowboys Close Down Offseason

The Cowboys concluded their offseason by practicing for the final time before training camp Sunday. Interestingly enough, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue made a guest apperance to speak with the team. News on that and the next quarterback to be cut are contained inside.

* The Cowboys are now on an official 12-day break before the start of training camp July 26th in San Antonio. The final practice sesssion concluded Sunday morning, as most of the team left the training facility at Valley Ranch.

* Look for possibly one more move to happen before camp begins, but don't expect it to necessarily be Anthony Wright who gets his walking papers. While the Cowboys have been shopping Wright around, QB Sam Clemons will likely be the next in line to go.

* Most of the team will be "recharging their batteries" so to speak before traingin camp begins in San Antonio. "The main thing is we have a few bumps bruises and strains healed. We get the chance to kind of R & R," said Dave Campo.

* This offseason has been one of the most successful in recent memory if you are a Cowboys' fan. The momentum built from the draft, as well as all the key free agent signings and improved team work ethic have the coaching staff feeling great headed to San Antonio.

"We feel like we have gotten a lot accomplished so far. They've worked awfully hard in the offseason. But all we've really done is build a foundation at this point. The message is lets not lose what we've been working at for the last 5 months, both from the physical and mental standpoint," said Campo.

* Campo was pleased that NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue decided to attend the morning practice session. "The was nice. I'm not sure the players get the chance to have the management of the NFL come and talk to them to often. To have the commissioner come out to the team was important. He talked about the fact that the league is wide open...and I agree, that's the type of league it is right now."

* Paul Tagiliabue had nothing but positive things to say to the team. "I told the players it was about four years ago at this time I spoke to the St. Louis Rams. They were coming off a 4-12 season, but had been rebuilding and had a good mix of veterans and rookies, and I told them to get out there and you can go all the way, you can win the NFC and the Super Bowl." Tagiliabue suggested that the Cowboys could make a similar run this year if the cards fell right.

* The injury bug has seemingly been away from this team all offseason long, as all players are expected to report to camp with the ability to face full contact. "We've been fortunate in that department," Campo said.

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