Williams Ready to Deal

Roy Williams and the Dallas Cowboys will try to iron out a deal sometime this week. The two sides will meet Tuesday for the first time face-to-face to trade initial proposals. Williams, along with the other 8 draft choices are expected to have deals done before the start of training camp in San Antonio.

There really isn't a whole lot of mystery to the whole contract "negotiation scene" at Valley Ranch these days. Simply put, the Cowboys have a specific amount of cash they are allowed to part with to split amongst their 8 draft picks, and only a short period of time to do it.

Obviously, first round draft pick Roy Williams will command the most money, and rightfully so. The former Oklahoma star is expected to get about what the eighth overall pick received last year, and that would be Chicago's David Terrell.

Terrell signed a five-year deal that will average $2.27 million per season to go along with a $4 million signing bonus.

Williams will likely see something very close to that figure.

The Cowboys also sent out initial offers to the other eight draft picks late last week. So far, several counter-offers have been received- with each one varying in specific clauses. All indications are that none of those deals are close to completion.

It was reported that each draft choice received seven-year offers, with the exception of sixth-round pick Bob Slowikowski. You might remember the former Virginia Tech Hokie suffering a season ending injury over a month ago in one of the QB schools.

Owner Jerry Jones, as well as most experts who follow the Cowboys, are fully expecting all contracts to be signed in time for the first day of training camp in San Antonio on July 26th- including Roy Williams.

Of course, the acquisition of QB Chad Hutchinson this past February will likely alter the team's strategy in getting each deal completed.

Hutchinson signed a 7-year deal with a reported $3.1M signing bonus, and that contract lowers the total amount of money the Cowboys are allowed to spend on rookies this season.

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