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After the final mini-camp at Valley Ranch ended this past weekend, it became crystal clear that the Cowboys' defense was already well ahead of the offense. And really that statement shouldn't come as a total shock, considering the new offensive scheme being installed by Bruce Coslet has yet to take root.

Like it or not, the offense is clearly a work in progress, but with a playmaking defense on the horizon, does it really matter at this point?

"I would be surprised if our defense wasn't ahead of the offense right now," Campo told the Dallas Morning News earlier this week. "Until we get in pads and the offense can really explode into their assignments, the defense will probably look better."

There are several intriguing ideas about the competition between these two units. One is that the offense could struggle for the first part of the season, especially with so many new formations and plays to learn. The other is that this defense has been so dominating simply because it will be one of the best in the NFL this season.

"We're getting our butts beat more than I would like, but we're up against one of the best defenses in the NFL," said Coslet. "These are the fastest linebackers I've ever seen." The scary thing is that it hasn't been the linebackers that have gotten the attention of everyone this off season. Its been Roy Williams, Bryant Westbrook, Peppi Zellner, and La'Roi Glover.

Could this defense be that dominating this year? Hard to say right now, of course everyone is optimistic during this time of the year.

* Jerry Jones already has his eye out for possible future sites for training camps, including Fiesta Texas at Six Flags in San Antonio. The Cowboys owner is also hoping that the organization's arrival next week will help aid in the economic recovery of the region that has been hit so hard by the recent flooding.

* CBS Sportsline recently named Larry Allen as one of the top ten players in the NFL. The clip about Allen says, "He's the only offensive lineman deserving of a top 10 ranking. He is dominating. Plus he can play tackle, too." Allen came in ranked at #8. You can read more by clicking here. Incidentally, Rams QB Kurt Warner was ranked #1.

* Returning punter Micah Knorr could have more of difficult time of beating out Filip Filipovic than previously thought. It was been reported late last week that another kicker would have to be able to consistently send his kickoffs into the end zone in order for Filipovic to make the team (and to replace Knorr as the kickoff man), but don't be surprised if the Cowboys re-think that strategy once training camp gets going next week.

Seder has already started hitting his kickoffs into the end zone this off-season, and quite frankly- his leg looks like he's added some much needed pop. Filipovic himself is a booming punter, and if he doesn't stay in Dallas this season, he'll land elsewhere on somebody's first team.

* Nothing new out of the Cowboys camp regarding the signing of first round draft choice Roy Williams. Williams' agent Tom Condon met with team vice president Stephen Jones at Valley Ranch headquarters yesterday. The two sides met yesterday and reportedly the meeting was very "productive." Look for a deal to get done with Williams very soon.

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