7 Days Left to Training Camp

The start of the season is upon us, training camp is right around the corner, and the Dallas Cowboys have a renewed sense of optimism. What more can you ask for in mid July? How about a couple of draft picks signed before next Friday.

* Unquestionably, the main agenda for the Dallas Cowboys over the next couple of days consists of signing first round draft pick Roy Williams before training camp begins next week.

It has been reported that Williams will receive a seven-year deal, just like most of the other rookies, but there are several differences being discussed between the two sides. The current issue on the table is whether to void his contract after five or six years.

* As it stands now, three draft picks are expected to start the first game of the year at Houston. S Roy Williams, C Andre Gurode, and WR Antonio Bryant will be given the chance to start against the expansion Texans.

* Fifth-round pick Pete Hunter, a cornerback out of Virginia Union, could come to terms on a seven-year deal as soon as late this afternoon. Hunter has had a solid offseason since he joined the team in late April. He is expected to receive a $90,000 signing bonus.

* With the start of training camp in next 7 days for most teams, predictions on the upcoming season have already started running rampant among national experts. Most people "in the know," seem to agree that the Cowboys will improve anywhere from 3-4 games in the win column this season. "We'll be better, but how much better I don't know," said Dave Campo at the end of camp last weekend.

One thing is for sure, there certainly haven't been any "10-6" predictions out of Valley Ranch like we saw last season. Good job Jerry.

* It has been refreshing to hear the optimism out of WR Joey Galloway over the past few weeks. The former all-pro receiver was quoted as saying, "The past two seasons have not gone right for this team, and definitely not for me. I know once this offense does start clicking and we get rolling, everybody will forget about these last two years."

* Don't forget, the Cowboys first broadcast on HBO for their training camp reality show will be July 31st- 5 days after the official start of training camp. A 16-member NFL Films crew has basically been given unlimited access to the Cowboys- which should make for some great entertainment.

* And finally, in case you missed it, the early betting line on the Cowboys first game against Houston has Dallas as a 3.5 point favorite.

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