Owens Looks Forward to Philly Reunion

Terrell Owens didn't tell the Cowboys he was writing a book about his days in Philadelphia. Now that it's done, he doesn't know if coach Bill Parcells will read it. He certainly doesn't expect him to say anything to him about it.

"Haven't talked to him about the book," Owens said. "Knowing Bill, I doubt he says anything about the book."

As long as it has no bearing on the Cowboys' approach to the 2006 season, he's probably right.

Owens is making sure that the book and the subsequent fall out from it is not a distraction for the Cowboys.

It's one reason he released the book three weeks from the start of training camp, set for July 27 in Oxnard California.

"T.O.," co-written with Jason Rosenhaus, the brother of Owens' agent, Drew, mainly deals with Owens' tumultuous two years with the Eagles, his fractured relationship with quarterback Donovan McNabb and his unceremonious departure. He signed a three-year, $25 million contract with the Cowboys in March.

"Yeah, I think it was the best way to do it," Owens said. "I didn't want to bring any distractions into training camp, especially with a lot of new guys. I know what happened last year with a lot of things swirling around and things that happened in the past. My thing was to get it out there and get it over with and then move forward and concentrate on football."

But Owens said the book had to come first. He had to tell his side of the story for himself and those who wanted the truth.

"I think this book was a lot of me getting this stuff off my chest," Owens said. "That was one of the main reasons I put the book out -- to basically give the fans in Philly, and really from afar, my explanation and my insight on really what happened. I just wanted to put something out there that's honest. It's not secondhand information. There is a number of people within the organization that can back me."

Although he wants to put the situation in Philadelphia behind him, Owens admits looking forward to renewing acquaintances with the Eagles on the field. The first meeting is Oct. 8 in Philadelphia.

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. "I knew coming here, we played them twice a year. They knew that. I knew that. They just have to deal with it. I'm ready."

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