Jones Excited for Start of Camp

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is very excited about training camp and the upcoming season. As after a whirlwind offseason, it's championship run or bust in 2006.

Coach Bill Parcells got a raise and a contract extension. Receiver Terrell Owens was signed to a three-year, $25 million deal as part of a club-record eight free-agent signees. The Cowboys also had a very strong draft, led by top pick Bobby Carpenter.

As the Cowboys head into training camp, Jones believes the Cowboys finally have the makings of a Super Bowl contender.

"I do think we're better than we were and have been over the last two, three years, and I think that if we have some good thing happen for us injury wise, good things happen for us injury wise, I think we have a chance to have the type of team we've been trying to put together around here for the past several years," Jones said.

He said the Cowboys have filled all of their major needs and head to camp with few holes. His biggest concern is that they have so much depth and so much talent that they can't keep everyone on the 53-man roster.

"We've got some depth that could give us some issues," Jones said. "Camp will tell us, but we could have problems making room on the 53 man roster for the talent we want to keep."

That's a problem?

"You said concerns," Jones said. "It's a concern, yeah. I think we've got a lot more depth than we've had in the past here. I think we've got some players here."

After upgrading at linebacker in the offseason with drafting of Carpenter and the signing free agents Rocky Boiman and Akin Ayodele, Jones said one player who is being overlooked is Kevin Burnett, a second round pick in 2005 who missed part of his rookie season with a knee injury.

"He's a guy you don't hear much about and he's our second round pick two years ago (2005) and he's got some talent," Jones said. "I'd like to see that work out."

And while others worry about the Cowboys revamped offensive line, Jones said he has no concerns. He likes the return to health of left tackle Flozell Adams and right guard Marco Rivera and believes left guard Kyle Kosier is a good addition.

"I am a little more optimistic about our offensive line that what I have read," Jones said.

The addition of Owens has Jones very positive about what the offense can do "every time it gets on the field."

"I know that at the end of the day what we do at training camp and what we do from here on out is what this is all about," Jones said. "You are right we have made some very significant commitments to do it now, to do it this year. We also have a great foundation of young players. If we have that kind of success it bodes well for the future."

CAMP CALENDAR: Team reports to camp July 27. They will have a conditioning run on July 28 with the first practice schedule for July 29. Camp ends Aug. 20.

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