Camp Notebook II: Who's Hot? Who's Not?

Oxnard, Calif. -- Safety Justin Beriault was solid on the field all day, good enough news for the team, which wanted to see him move after having missed last year due to knee surgery.

P.M. NEWSMAKER: - "Who's All In?'' For the uninitiated, it's a poker slogan, a question regarding who wants to push all their chips into the middle of the table to bet on themselves.

It's a cute inspirational theme – cute enough to be plastered on the backs of the Cowboys-issued T-shirts worn by staffers, including coach Bill Parcells.

"Who's All In?'' Good one.

A cartoon of two hands pushing poker chips with the Cowboys star into the middle of the table. Good one.

One question, though: I thought the NFL was kinda against gambling?

PM WHO'S HOT: Safety Justin Beriault was solid on the field all day, good enough news for the team, which wanted to see him move after having missed last year due to knee surgery. But more, not one but two staffers told me Beriault tops their "Guy-To-Watch'' list. Said one Cowboys assistant: "He's always around the ball. He wants to play. And he's got his head screwed on straight.''

Take that as a poke at Keith Davis, if you will, who has an interception in 7-on-7 drills in the evening but still. … well, can't claim to have his head screwed on all the way straight.

P.M. WHO'S NOT: Watch for Drew Henson to quietly slip from being in competition with Tony Romo for the No. 2 job into trying to hang onto the No. 3 job; he didn't do a very sound job of the latter Saturday evening. In 7-on-7 passing drills, Henson threw consecutive groundball passes to wide-open receivers. Worse, coach Bill Parcells – who spent much of the second workout of the day barking angrily at players – barely raised an eyebrow at Henson, almost as if he takes the failures as normal.

P.M. QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Trainers, get this s--- outta here!'' – Coach Bill Parcells, ordering staffers to remove from the players access a certain s--- called "water,'' which, in the coach's view, the players did not deserve at the time.

T.O. IN THE P.M.: Terrell Owens made fashion statements throughout the day. In the morning, it was black leggings and rubber wristbands with motivational inscriptions, including "Getcha Popcorn Ready.'' In the later workout, which was pads and shorts, T.O. again went with the leggings, but no shorts. Modestly, though, at the end of practice, he donned a "bathskirt,'' a terrycloth robe that hung from the waist, in silver-and-blue, with OWENS 81 inscribed on it.

P.M. OFFBEAT BEAT: The coaching staff has acknowledged a few times that the squad is looking for leadership now that people like Dan Campbell and La'Roi Glover have departed. A quiet candidate to pick up some of the slack: Unsung-but-respected young defensive lineman Kenyon Coleman, who, when the D-linemen huddled for a post-practice prayer, was the guy leading the meeting. Coleman also earned first-team snaps at DE in the absence of Marcus Spears.

P.M. MISCELLANY: As expected, Marcus Spears does indeed have a tear in his knee and will undergo surgery on Sunday. Recovery time is expected to be two-to-three weeks. … In punt-return work, Jamaica Rector, Skyler Green and Terence Newman got the reps. But they did so in that order. … Flozell Adams, not dressing out while on the PUP list, nevertheless kept himself busy, instructing young offensive linemen on technique. … Greg Ellis took turns rotating in at DE and OLB. Ellis and Parcells, by the way, had a rather animated (but not heated) conversation during one water break. … Agent Drew Rosenhaus reportedly oozed his way into camp. … After an apparent mistake by rookie QB Jeff Mroz, Parcells muttered the words, "F---in' genius.'' Thing is, Mroz graduated from Yale. So he probably is. … Kicker Mike Vanderjagt entertained the crowd – estimated to be near 5,000 for each workout -- while fielding punts. He goofed cartoonishly, tried to field every boot, and eventually let Jerry Jones' grandson in on some of the action, to the delight of the audience.

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