KENNEDY UPDATE: Jerry Jones Intrigued

OXNARD, Calif. - Jerry Jones gave the idea of of exploring the viability of giving un-retiring tackle Lincoln Kennedy the thumbs-up when we brought the subject to him late Sunday night.

"What's he doing now?'' the Cowboys owner asked. "Yes, that would be interesting. We'd have to look into that. It'd be a good idea to look into that.''

As first reported on Sunday, former Raiders Pro Bowler Kennedy spent the weekend with his agent, Scott Casterline, winning from the NFL commissioner's office the rights to be a free agent. Kennedy told us that he would like to play with a contender and that he would contact Cowboys personnel boss Jeff Ireland on Monday morning.

There is, of course, lots of research to be done (including by us; Kennedy is 35, not 33. … and while we're at it, Casterline's report of the 6-7 Kennedy weighing in at a "manageable'' 385 pounds is worth a double-check as well.)

Jones asked us why Kennedy has spent the last two years out of football. And we will delicately call it "girl problems'' – divorce and whatnot – and leave it at that for now.

But the owner's interest was a sign that Dallas is not completely satisfied with its options at tackle. … and that come Monday morning, the club will certainly answer Lincoln Kennedy's phone call.

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