Cowboys Taking Care of Business

The Cowboys offically announced the signing of three players on Wednesday, the only question is- who is next? Details on those transactions and the next events that are expected in the transaction department are contained in this report.

The Cowboys have at least made some progress in signing their 9 draft choices by officially inking two sixth round selections and one seventh round pick to contracts this afteroon.

As first reported in our HotNews section today, Bob Slowikowski, a former Virginia Tech Hokie, signed with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this afternoon. Slowikowski tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during mini-camp back in mid June and will be on injured reserve for the entire 2002 season.

As a result of that injury, he received a contract worth about $172,000, which includes the equivalent of a $42,000 signing bonus. Slowikowski will not count against the Cowboys' rookie pool of $4.5 million.

Tyson Walter, the 179th overall pick in this year's draft, also signed with the Dallas Cowboys Wednesday afternoon.

Walter will receive a $74,250 signing bonus, and he'll also make $225,000 with his base salary. "I try to not to worry about the contract too much," Walter said. "That's why you have agents. Now we can go ahead and focus only on training camp."

Despite his signing, the former Ohio State Buckeye will have his work cut out for him to make the team.

And as reported yesterday here on The Update, Deveren Johnson also "offically" signed his contract. The rookie wide receiver from Sacred Heart agreed in principle to the terms set forth yesterday, but physically signed the contract today.

Johnson will likely miss the first week of camp with a broken little finger on his right hand.

Former Buckeyes Jamar Martin and Derek Ross will be the next two to get their respective deals done, and with both players missing the majority of all the QB schools and mini-camps this summer- it makes sense to get things taken care of before they head off to San Antonio.

"We're trying to be fair, but we're in this for the long haul," Jerry Jones said in an interview earlier today. "We have to be sensitive about our cap situation, and we're not going to compromise it for a rookie.

Pete Hunter, who was reportedly was ready to sign two days ago, has been asking for $10,000 more in his signing bonus.

And then there is Roy Williams. Look for something to happen tomorrow afternoon when the two sides meet again face-to-face at Valley Ranch.

Make no mistake, Williams has clearly been designated as a huge priority by the Cowboys' organization, and his deal will get done before the start of camp without a shadow of a doubt. The Cowboys current offer is a seven-year contract with a signing bonus of $4 million this year and a $3.7 roster bonus to be paid next March.

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