Training Camp Finally Arrives

The Cowboys began their news conference starting training camp with a bang, when it was announced that all four remaining draft picks would be be present for the start of camp in the morning. Make no mistake America, the Cowboys are back in the spotlight.

Owner Jerry Jones had the following to say in the news conference announcing the start of training camp in San Antonio:

"We've had a lot of nice things written about our organization in the offseason. The good thing about that is that alot of people are starting to get recognized for things they've been doing for many years. Larry Lacewell and our scouting department have been doing it for years here."

"But the offseason is behind us. What counts, starts in the morning. That's where we are going to make our grade- with results. Let's look forward, let's look forward to everyday we walk out here. We are looking ahead, although we are pleased with the building blocks we have in place in the offseason."

"We are a young team, but young is not a disadvantage in this league. We are going to play those young players right beside our veteran players- thats an asset. There is a lot of things that young players bring to the table in the NFL."

"We are better, but I'm not going to predict. We are better, we are faster, if we avoid injuries we'll be better. We've got an experienced quarterback, all be it just 8 games, but he's proven he can win."

"I'm tickled to death for Dave Campo. First of all, I think we are in a great position as a franchise. We have some positive expectations of putting people on the field this season, and we can be successful."

Dave Campo on the start of camp:
"Its very exciting to be here. This is a dynamic town, being on the Riverwalk, and its exciting for us and its exciting for our players as well. But they have a job to do, thats #1, its exciting to be here and we appreciate what San Antonio has done. Its a fantastic start for training camp."

"I see a team that is enthusiastic. I see a team that is excited about prospects. We've got a lot of players that love to play the game of football right now. And thats a big part of establishing a winning attitude. They want to get on the field and play football. And that is what we wanted in our new players- great locker room guys."

"It feels good, we have the salary cap in our favor, the players are feeling good, now its time to perform."

"There will be a few players we won't push in terms of injuries, but I feel very good about Kevin Hardy. Hardy is ready to go."

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