Beriault Retires, Spears Returns

OXNARD, Calif. - Bill Parcells announced two roster moves on Monday, including the retirement of former sixth round draft pick Justin Beriault. Parcells also said that second year end Marcus Spears is expected to return to practice Monday.

MONDAY ROSTER MOVES: Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells announced Monday morning that safety Justin Beriault, a sixth round pick out of Ball State in the 2005 NFL Draft, would retire from football.

"Justin Beriault is going to retire from football. I just don't think he's going to be continue playing. I think it was more the knee (than the head injury suffered in the first week of training camp.)

"And we waived (DE) Jason Davis. That puts our squad roster at 81."

Davis was signed just two weeks ago and had reportedly done well during the early stages of camp, but was still waived Monday.

Meanwhile Beriault, who missed all of last season with a knee injury, never was able to get past his ailments to play in the regular season.

PARCELLS WANTS MORE FROM HURD: Despite finishing second on the team in receptions and receiving yardage in the preseason opener at Seattle on Saturday, Parcells said he'd like to see more from undrafted free agent Sam Hurd.

"He played 41 plays on Saturday night in the game. That would be a little high for a normal rookie," he said. "He did some good things. Was very good aggressive. Has very good stamina. But in the game he dropped two out of six passes. You have to catch the ball more consistently than that to be in the mix.

"So he'll have to do that."

Parcells also maintained the Cowboys could be in position to make a trade for a wide receiver in the near future.

"We have players that people want," he said. "We know that. People have inquired about some of our players. The best chance we have to do is maybe try to get something we need from some of the people who want something from us."

MORE ROMO: After completing 19-of-25 passes for 235 yards and a touchdown Saturday in a 13-3 win against Seattle, Bill Parcells was asked again Monday about Tony Romo's performance.

"Here's my honest feeling: that you have to coach him all the way through a game. That means you can't take for granted that just because things are going well that they are going to continue to go well.

"You have to stay on it. Keep him focused on it. He's a very bright kid and his mind races. He'll have some ideas. I think he saved us a little on a couple of minus plays with his maneuverability."

It is not 100 percent certain who will start the Cowboys next preseason game next Monday, but Parcells said don't be surprised if it's Bledsoe.

"I'm pretty sure Bledsoe will start, but if the quarterback coach has a better idea we could do this or that," he said. "But I'm not worried about who's going to start or who's not going to start."

QUICK HITS: DE Marcus Spears and LB Rocky Boiman are expected to return to practice Monday. ... Parcells said of Patrick Crayton's ankle injury suffered in the Seattle game, "It didn't sound as bad as we first though." Parcells said of running back Julius Jones, "Julius just played a quarter. He didn't have a lot of room but I thought he did alright. Ran hard." ... Parcells also said the Cowboys' pass protection Saturday was "alright." ... The expectation with fourth round pick Skyler Green is to challenge for playing time as a punt and kickoff returns as Parcells continues to suggest Green needs to improve as a wide receiver.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "We need to see something here pretty soon. That's the truth. We've missed a lot of work. But at some point in time he's going to have to practice and play like everybody else. If he don't practice, he's not playing." - Bill Parcells on wide receiver Terrell Owens missing most of training camp.

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