Emmitt Speaks on "The Record"

"This is something I should look at and be able to smile at, my goal coming in the NFL was to be here at least 13 years. With the structure of the salary cap, and with the league changing, I'm still here," said Emmitt Smith in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

Emmitt Smith held a press conference Saturday afternoon to talk with the media about his run to NFL glory. Here are some of the highlights:

Breaking The Record
"The record is very special, and it's a special opportunity. And I say it is an opportunity, because it hasn't happened yet. It was premature to talk about during the record during last year, or the mini-camps this season, or even early in the preseason. I can't even begin to tell you what it would feel like to do it. To even be mentioned in the same breath as someone like Walter Payton is an honor."

Total Yards
"I think the numbers mean a number of things. Alot of people look at individual numbers and try to gauge their individual success as an individual performance. We've won Superbowls, and getting that many yards in that many seasons is an accomplishment."

Alamodome Turf
"The field is in great shape, it's a nice turf. I feel very good about the surface we are playing on. The weather- we don't see the sun, it's like Oxnard."

Why Me?
"I ask myself sometimes, why me? It wasn't my choice. Fortunately the Cowboys chose me, and fortunately this is where God wanted me to be. I didn't ask the question why me in the Superbowl, or why me leading the NFL in rushing- that's just the position God put me in and I'm grateful for that."

"I'm not surprised that those things haven't occured. But when you go through certain things, you think, 'Wow this could be it', but then you find out what you are made of. The unique things about injures is about how you come back."

"I feel blessed and very fortunate that this time and this moment was meant for me. I feel very fortunate and very blessed that I'm here for year number thirteen. Football is a short window, and you need to make the best of it."

Last Season?
"In alot of cases, people want this to be the finish line, but I have to evaluate myself how I feel at the end of the season. After that I look forward to seeing you guys next summer. I'm not ready to concede anything."

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