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COWBOYS CALL ANOTHER WR: We hear whispers from the Cowboys' staff that Dallas will almost certainly bring another body into camp, the result in part of the dinged-up status of top three receivers Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton. As we told you over the weekend, veterans like free-agent Patrick Johnson are on the long shopping list. And now we can officially add another: Undrafted rookie prospect Moses Harris from Grambling State.

Johnson's resume does not include big numbers. The 6-1, 185-pound Harris has done even less. Harris attended Dallas' Pro Day in the spring, and was invited to the Cowboys' minicamp tryout. He instead accepted a Buccaneers invitation, but was not signed by Tampa Bay. He recently fielded a call from the Cowboys to check on his availability.

As a senior at Grambling State, Harris caught 38 passes for 605 yards and seven touchdowns.

Maybe the status of Johnson and Harris should be taken as a good sign for what the Cowboys think of the future of their wideouts (and their health) in that the apparently inevitable signing will be a camp body.

HUTCHINSON DONE: I hope the Bill Parcells and the Cowboys get to say "I told you so'' regarding Tony Romo, whom they privately believe has Drew Breesiness about him. What he did Saturday in a full game in Seattle is certainly more than most of the rest of "The Great QB Hopes" that have come through here A.A. (After Aikman.) For instance, check out the story from San Francisco, where Chad Hutchinson is back in college at Stanford, finishing up a degree and all done with pro football. And pro baseball.

Hutch tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he thinks the reason for his failure might be because he was "rushed.''

RUSHED? Chad, it didn't feel like that to us. To us, it felt like we waited FOREVER.

THANKS CHRIS: Oh, and one more Tony Romo-related note: Will somebody call Chris Berman and inform him that he's the millionth customer and has earned a prize? Because after, ahem, quipping, "Tony Romo is a great place for ribs,'' Berman becomes the millionth person to utter that line and think he's original.

SAY WHAT EMMITT? Emmitt Smith is going to compete on "Dancing With The Stars.'' Your initial reaction, of course, is to chuckle, bemoan how the mighty have fallen, and wonder if his next booking will be an autograph signing at a newly remodeled Denny's.

But re-think this: The popularity of the ABC-TV B-list celeb dance-off may be inexplicable. But during the program's short time, it has featured as dancers boxer Evander Holyfield, best-receiver-ever Jerry Rice, and ESPN funnyanchor Kenny Mayne. Oh, and it launched into the mainstream the career of one Stacy Keibler, the leggy beauty who is vaulting from the world of pro wrestling to the world of Hollywood.

Will you watch Emmitt dance? Yeah. Of course YOU will; you're a Cowboy guy.

But the point is, the WORLD will watch Emmitt dance. So quit laughing.

KEEP AN EYE ON TYSON: Often, when a coaching staff raves about one person at a position, it is meant as a slight against the other guys on the depth chart. Not so in the case of the Dallas running backs. Parcells enjoys No. 1 guy Julius Jones enough to label him "Click-Clack'' (after JJ's star turn in the Underarmor commercials). He raves about Marion Barber and promises he'll play "a major role. Major.'' And I'm told that coaches are constantly providing Tyson Thompson positive feedback about what he's done so far. A position of strength? Yes, as long as somebody blocks for 'em.

THANK YOU STEVE: Write it down. Tape it to the fridge. Commemorate it.

I've been saying for years that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should be a cinch for the Hall of Fame. I haven't exactly been joined in that thinking by a Greek chorus of agreement. But Monday -- for what I truly believe is a first -- a commentator besides me has penned in Jones as having a "Hall-of-Fame future.''

Thanks to ESPN's Steve Young for getting the ball rolling on the network TV level. Hopefully, by the time it's Jones' turn, his "Hall-of-Fame future'' will be the foregone conclusion that it should be.

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