Sunday Afternoon News & Notes

Dave Campo had a lot to say during his afternoon press conference on Sunday. "Antonio Bryant, Ken-Yon Rambo, and Reggie Swinton. Add those three guys and the two starters, and its going to be tough to make this team as the last wide receiver," said Campo.

The third training camp practice session got underway on-time Sunday morning in the Alamodome, and Dave Campo had the following comments to say to the media Sunday afternoon:

Robert Thomas
"Robert is a tough guy, he likes to play the game, and he's good for our football team. He keeps things loose when things are tough in the locker room. The fullback in our offense has to catch the football out of the backfield, and he does that quite well. He sees the competition behind him too, so that adds to energy."

Troy Hambrick
"Troy feels like he can play right now. He has a lot of confidence in what he does. I don't have the same feeling consistently until I see it, but I am seeing more and more of it. He wants the football and I like that, we'll kind of mix and match there to get the most out of him."

"From Hambrick on down, we've got some smaller backs. The one thing that was good about our draft signings is that we have money available."

Tony McGee
"I've talked to him a couple of times, and he's coming off a recent injury. He says he's fine. I don't anticipate it being a problem. We are not supposed to be tackling, and we really aren't supposed to be putting people on the ground in those drills. That one between Edwards and McGee saw Tony just get the wind knocked out of him. Edwards ducked his shoulder in there."

Tim Seder
"I think he's doing well, we have some competetion out there at that position. I think the snapping was a big difference last year, but I like Tim as a kicker. I felt Tim Seder is a type of guy that is a gameday player. He's a former running back kicking, so he's got a toughness about him."

Randal Williams
"We've got some of the top guys out there hurt in Yemini and Randal Williams. We've got Antonio Bryant, Ken-Yon Rambo, and Reggie Swinton. Add those three and the two starters, its going to be tough to make this team. 5 young recevers are fighting to make the team. Those 5th and 6th receivers have to play special teams. Whether its a return man or a gunner on the special teams."

Quincy Carter
"Me and Bruce Coslet argue about the term 'West Coast Offense,' because he says its not really like that. We have the offense that is well suited for guys like Steve Young, Donovon McNabb, and Quincy has those type of skills."

"The offense really fits our quarterbacks, and its not being altered for anybody. All four of them really fit the offense pretty well."

Kelvin Garmon
"I feel good about Kelvin Garmon, I thought he made good progress out there. Soloman Page can pull inside or outside, I feel good about those two guys out there right now. Center is a critical position, and that's one of the reasons we took Andre Gurode where we took him."

Aaron Gibson
"I'm very pleased with Aaron Gibson right now. Its early, but I can see why he was a number one pick. He's working and getting better. His athletic ability and his abilty to move around at his size. He's shown us some good things."

Joey Galloway
"I don't have a question on Galloway. If the ball is there, he'll make the play and be successful. We've got to get him the ball. The only concern about him I had last year was the blocking, he never had to do that before last year, and I called him and he did it."

Full Contact?
"The scrimmage against Houston will be the first full contact live scrimmaging you'll see. Tomorrow morning we will have the middle drill. Thats the first time we'll have 9 on 7 with inside running, and we'll have some hitting going on then.

"I feel like we are getting more movement on the line of scrimmage. When you put the pads on the offensive line it makes a difference. When they all don't have pads on, the defensive line has an advantage because there is no pop from the offensive line."

"If you can handle distractions during training camp, you can handle them during the season. If you are a football coach, if there is a NASCAR race going on, you should still be able to get your point across. There is a lot of noise in the Alamodome, I can tell you that."

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