Carter Coming Up Big

While alot of people around San Antonio who follow the Cowboys are all talking about Chad Hutchinson and what he could mean to Dallas in the future, Quincy Carter is quietly starting to assert himself as the leader of this football team.

Quincy Carter looked sensational on the second day of training camp, and if things continue to go well for the young gun, he could make Jerry Jones look like a genius for drafting him last year in the 2nd round.

Carter displayed all of his skills on the field this afternoon, as it appears as though Bruce Coslet's version of the West-Coast offense may be the perfect fit for Quincy's natural ability.

"Me and Bruce Coslet argue about the term West-Coast offense, because he says it's not really like that," said Dave Campo. "We have the offense that is well suited for guys like Steve Young, Donovon McNabb, and guys like that. Quincy has those type of skills."

The former Georgia Bulldog completed passes across the middle of the field to big tight end Tony McGee, he completed deep passes to Joey Galloway, and he hit all of his running backs out in the flats with consistency.

More importantly, he looked confident, and his throwing motion looked much more natural than it did at the beginning of camp last year.

You can thank quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson for that. Wilson has spent an extensive amount of time working with Carter in the offseason, and he also has been in the earhole of the Cowboys' signal caller ever since he set foot in the Alamodome this weekend.

Carter hit all of his targets in stride today, putting the perfect touch on the long ball, and extra zip on on those tough 10-15 yard out patterns. If his first receiver was covered, he went to the next guy, and if he wasn't open he went to his third option, and he did it all in a calm and collected manner.

"The key thing for me is to be consistent," Carter said. "I think if I can be consistent and go out and make the plays each and every Sunday, I think I'll be okay."

And Carter isn't just getting the job done, he is also having fun- routinely kidding several of his teammates, including Troy Hambrick and most of his wide receivers.

Make no mistake, early returns suggest that this team will go as far as Quincy Carter can take them this season. Bruce Coslet will rely on the running game to get things going, but once teams start to crowd the line of scrimmage, it will be up to Carter to pick the defense apart.

"He just has to keep improving and get more experience," said Dave Campo. "He's proven to us, as a coaching staff and to our team, that he's capable of leading the football team."

Most of the players have responded to his positive work ethic in the offseason, and his improvement on the field has won some new found respect from the likes of veterans like Emmitt Smith and Rocket Ismail.

"This entire offseason, everything that Quincy's done has put me in a mindset where I know he's focused on being able to have success," said Ismail. "Everything that he's done in all the minicamps and all the little throwing sessions that we've had through the summer have really shown that he has what it takes."

He has what it takes alright, and if he continues his steady improvement on the field, he'll have what it takes to get this team in the playoffs as well.

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