QB Controversy Brewing in Dallas?

Peter King unleashed what could be a brewing storm with the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback situation Sunday night on national television.

It seemed almost laughable a few weeks ago.

Tony Romo, the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys? In 2006? No way!

Wait a second.

Maybe there could be at least some truth to that statement. Especially after his performance in a preseason opening with over the Seattle Seahawks.

But then an interesting thing happened Sunday night. Sports Illustrated's Peter King went on during halftime of NBC's Sunday Night Seahawks-Colts broadcast and proclaimed the Cowboys may have a quarterback controversy brewing between Romo and starter Drew Bledsoe.

Say what?

That's right. The same person that suggested last November the Cowboys would be interested in signing Terrell Owens has now gone on national television stating he believes the Cowboys may be better off with Romo calling the shots.

Of course, he made it clear it was his opinion and not based on "inside information."

At the same time, TheRanchReport.com's Mike Fisher said it last November regarding T.O., and we are saying it again now: Peter ain't making this stuff up. And he has no business going on national television with comments about a quarterback controversy unless he knows something the rest of us don't.

At least we think.

So does that mean the Cowboys are ready to throw in the towel with Drew Bledsoe? Certainly not.

Does that mean the Cowboys may be willing to have a shorter leash on Bledsoe should the offensive line struggle? Possibly.

Has Tony Romo looked good so far in the preseason? Absolutely.

And what does all that mean? It means that much is left to be decided. However it may also mean the next three preseason games may be more important than we ever thought when it comes to the quarterback position.

If Romo were to continue to "light it up" and Drew Bledsoe continued to look like ... well, Drew Bledsoe, would there be a quarterback controversy?

Here's one person that thinks there would.

But first things first: Romo must continue to play well and Bledsoe must look more like an aging quarterback who may not be best suited for a patchwork offensive line. After all, it would be impossible to make the determination that Tony Romo is the future of the Dallas Cowboys based on a couple of training camps and one preseason start.

In addition, Romo has to prove to be THE spark for this team.

Whether it's his ability to improvise and make plays when the pocket breaks down or his leadership in the huddle, or both, he needs to become the one player that energizes the offense, making it better on multiple levels.

Then and only then would there be a full blown quarterback controversy on our hands.

But again, if these thoughts about the Cowboys' current position at quarterback have already been, shall we say, "put out there," there's reason to believe the wheels have been in motion for quite some time.

And boy oh boy, doesn't this make Monday night's game against the Saints a little more interesting?

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