Quincy Carter Speaks Out

"I'm ready to be accepted to be the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback. I did everything this offseason to be a leader of this team. I am going to step out here this season and be the best leader I can be," said Carter.

Quincy Carter scheduled a chat session with Cowboys beat reporter Mickey Spagnola this afternoon- here are some of the highlights.

Atmosphere of the Alamodome
"I think its great. It hasn't been to great for voice. I've got to yell over a big crowd everyday- so that's been tough on me. There hasn't bee one practice I haven't been able to get up for."

Improving the Offense
"I think its a combination of things, we want to throw the ball deep, but we also want to get the ball to the receivers and let them run with it. They want you to drop back and make your reads and then get the ball to the reciever. Thats' what this position is all about is making reads. I'd rather get back and make my reads than sit back and hold the football."

"I feel alot more comfortable this year. I was working with the 2nd and 3rd team guys last year and then asked to be starter for the first game. But this year we've been ready to go now for about 3 or 4 months."

Improving as a Quarterback
"I think I'm improving everytime I step onto the football field. Everytime I step up there, I must get better. I am progressing but I'm taking it slow. I do feel like I'm getting better everytime I step out onto the field. I've got to keep working. I've only played seven and half NFL football games, so I've got a long way to go. I've got to keep competing and keep working hard."

Personal Goals
I haven't set any goals, I've never set goals in my life. The only goals I've set is to be the best quarterback I can be, and the best leader I can be. If I had one goal, I would want to be consistent.

Getting Out of the Pocket
"I like all the running plays, you play teams like Philadelphia and Tennessee its good to get the quarterback out of the pocket. I like a combination of things, I like to do everything to be honest with you because it keeps the defense on it's toes."

Bruce Coslet's Offense
"I'm feeling a little bit comfortable, but the game itself gets difficult everytime I step out onto the field. We are very headed into the direction of being a 60-40 run pass team. We got a lot of things to do in the running game. Our offense is really starting to gel right now, because we know the capability of our defense to stop other teams and turn the ball over," said Carter.

Becoming a Leader
"I'm ready to be accepted to be the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback. I'm ready to be accepted as the quarterback, I did everything this offseason to be a leader of this team. I am going to step out here and be the best leader I can be. I'm just ready to be accepted by the fans to be honest with you."

The Redskins Rivalry
"I think its a very special rivalry, I remember when Danny White got in a fight with the Redskins back in the day. I know how big those games are against the Redskins."

Young Receivers
"Antonio Bryant, we drafted him and he's going to be a real talent. Rambo, Swinton, Jermaine Copeland- they are all doing a great job for us. I never like to single anybody out because they are all working hard for me."

Woody Dantzler
"I never got to play against Clemson. I got to play against a guy named Joe Hamilton and the score was something like 54-53. Me and Woody would have done the same thing. I think he's adjusting to the NFL well, he did a lot of things in Clemson's offense you know, running the draw and running the counter. Woody has the knack of making plays, so when you have doing that for a couple of years that should translate well into the NFL."

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