Cowboys Set for Scrimmage

The Cowboys will finally get some live action against another team, as Dallas will practice with the Houston Texans two times on Friday. The two teams will practice together this morning, and then face off in a scrimmage at 7 PM at the University of Houston's Robertson Stadium.

In a preview of the first game of the regular season on September 8th, the Dallas Cowboys will battle the Houston Texans this evening in Houston.

And while the fans of both teams are excited, don't expect to see Emmitt Smith or even Quincy Carter out there playing for an extensive amount of time. "We'll get as many players as we can get in there to get a good evaluation of the whole roster," said Dave Campo.

The scenario for the scrimmage will go something like this: Each team will get alternating 10-play drives starting from their own 20-yard line. If the offense is able to get into the redzone during the drive, it will be extended 4 downs to allow that team to continue.

The emphasis will also be on evaluating, so both teams will concentrate on drills that allow them to do that in effective manner. Expect to see some 9-on-7 inside run drills, 7-on-7 passing drills, special teams and two-minute offense.

Unlike a regular preseason game, coaches will be on the field, behind the huddle, and occasionally may offer instruction between plays.

Dave Campo will use the Cowboys first scrimmage to begin doing some serious evaluation of his 90-man roster. "We are just about at the point where we need a break from the learning part and should take a day and work against somebody else," Campo said. Guys get used to what other guys are doing in camp, and you don't get a good evaluation."

The Texans will likely start 5 rookies on offense, including several guys on the offensive line. Those rookies include quarterback David Carr, left tackle Chester Pitts, fullback Jarrod Baxter, right guard Fred Weary and receiver Jabar Gaffney.

"The greatest thing about going against the Cowboys is it's a really good evaluation process in terms of getting to see your players go against new people," Texans coach Dom Capers said. The scrimmage will be broadcast live on the Dallas Cowboys official web site.

"This will initiate the football rivalry," Jerry Jones said Thursday. "It's going to be great for the NFL and the fans of Texas. It's natural. It should be a great rivalry."

The scrimmage will be broadcast live on the official Dallas Cowboys web site.

There were several noteworthy items to come out of Thursday's practice sessions, including another resurgence from quaterback Quincy Carter. Carter threw several impressive touchdown passes to both Reggie Swinton and Jeremaine Copeland in the 7-on-7 drills, again demonstrating his brilliant touch on the long ball.

Swinton is making a strong case to become the number three receiver on the team, after demonstrating his skills during a strong all week long. The former Arena League player runs crisp routes, blocks downfield, and has caught everything in sight.

Going back to Quincy Carter, he doesn't seem to have any problems this year getting the snap from center. You might remember the rookie struggling last season with even the most basic skills of a quarterback. Interestingly enough, Chad Hutchinson tripped over his own two feet during a 5-step drop yesterday.

Finally, so far so good for Scott Zimmerman at fullback. Zimmerman looks great the point of attack and seems very willing to lay himself out as a blocker. However, it will be interesting to see how he responds in the scrimmage today against the Texans. Zimmerman hasn't been used as a receiver out of the backfield yet, and in Bruce Coslet's offense, he'll need to be able to catch the football.

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