Owens Says Criticism Unfair

IRVING, TX. - Terrell Owens commented on a number of topics Monday, including the recent $9,500 fine handed down by the Cowboys for being late.

Terrell Owens sounds like he's been through this song and dance before.

That's because he has.

Owens said Monday afternoon that the $9,500 fine recently handed down by the Cowboys for being late is something he's already trying to move past.

In fact, he actually diffused much of the controversy that seems to exist between Owens and the Cowboys in the mind of the media.

"It's very unfortunate I got fined," he said. "I was late. To my teammates I apologize but I'm moving on. I can't let this get me down. It's really not a big issue. It wouldn't be a big issue if I wasn't hurt.

"It's been different because I am who I am. Anything I do it's going to attract attention and you guys are going to blow it out of proportion. I know I am under a microscope."

Owens also said his injured hamstring is improving day to day.

"It's day to day," he said. "I can definitely say there are improvements. I'll (need to) be closer to 100% before I get back on the field."

Of course, there were also plenty of questions about his relationship with head coach Bill Parcells.

Again, Owens said there is no tension between the two.

"It's not me versus Bill or Bill versus T.O.," he said. "We don't know each other very well but I think it's a building process for both of us. At this point there are no issues.

"I think sometimes it's unfair that I get all this criticism because I am hurt."

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