Battling it Out: Ekuban vs. Zellner

Today we focus on the internal battles going on within training camp. Peppi Zellner has been battling Ebenezer Ekuban throughout the first week, but one guy has clearly stepped up above the other. We've got the winner and loser of week one contained in this report.

Defensive End
Ebenezer Ekuban vs. Peppi Zellner
Surprisingly, we will give the early edge here to Peppi Zellner. Zellner has started camp more physical, a step quicker, and a little more focused than Ekuban. "I'm always battling for playing time," Zellner said this week. "I came from a small school, so I came in here battling. I'll continue to battle until I retire."

Zellner intercepted a pass that was thrown right to him by Quincy Carter earlier in the week, and even though that might have been an early Christmas present for the big defensive end, he seems to have better on the field instincts than Ekuban at this point in camp.

Ekuban is still shaking off some rust that comes with missing 15 games last season with a painful herniated disc. "If he's healthy, he's a good football player," Dave Campo said. "I just want him to be healthy and get some consistency out of him."

Unfortunately, staying injury free has been a problem for Ekuban throughout his career, as he suffered a sprained his left knee in a playoff loss in 1999, and then missed four games with a dislocated toe in 2000. "I learned more from last year than I have in any previous year in my career. So I think it was a positive for me," said Ekuban of his injury.

Ekuban hasn't really shown us anything to make us think that he's one step closer to reclaiming his starting role, and that is somewhat discouraging simply because he is more a finesse player than Zellner. He should have been able to utilize his skills a little more this week, and quite frankly, it just didn't happen.

For that reason, we give Peppi Zellner the clear edge headed into the second week of camp.

CowboyUpdate Winner: Peppi Zellner

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