Battling it Out: Cundiff vs. Seder

The Cowboys special teams have shown that there is some much needed work to be done before the start of the regular season. Billy Cundiff and Tim Seder are battling it out at placekicker, and we've got the inside track on who looks better in this report.

Tim Seder vs. Billy Cundiff
The battle at placeckicker continues to be one of the more intriguing matchups in training camp, simply because there are so many sub plots taking place. Tim Seder returns to San Antonio after missing half of last season with an ankle injury to battle rookie kicker Billy Cundiff out of Drake.

Early on, it was Seder who recieved the early endorsement of coach Dave Campo after a good start last weekend. "I think he's doing well, we have some competition out there at that position," said Campo.

"I think the snapping was a big difference last year, but I like Tim as a kicker. I felt Tim Seder is a type of guy that is a gameday player. He's a former running back kicking, so he's got a toughness about him."

Unfortunately for Seder, Campo's kind words were short lived, as he began to struggle mightly later in the week. Seder missed two field goal attempts in practice on Tuesday, while rookie Billy Cundiff drilled all five of his attempts, including a 53-yarder with plenty of room to spare.

Seder's struggles continued throught the week, as he missed 48-yard field goal attempt yesterday morning in his first live action against the Texans. Fortunately for him, Cundiff also was off-target.

While Cundiff may not have seperated himself enough from Seder to warrant a spot on the regular season roster through the first week of camp, he has the veteran placekicker visibly on edge. Cundiff has a lively leg, and he has consistenly out performed Seder up to this point.

Obiviously, the longer he performs at a high level, the better his chances are of making the team. This one likely goes down to the wire, but the early edge goes to Cundiff- just because he's been more consistent and better under pressure.

CowboyUpdate Winner: Billy Cundiff

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