Battling it Out: Hutchinson vs. Carter

After week one of training camp, both Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson have aspects of their games that they can both feel good about. We've broken down the play of these two quarterbacks in this report.

Quincy Carter vs. Chad Hutchinson
Both quarterbacks went through their share of ups and downs this week, but Chad Hutchinson might have gained the slight edge in yesterday's scrimmage in Houston.

"What Chad does is continue to amaze us all with the way he was out of the game for four years and then comes out and plays like he did," Jerry Jones said. Hutchinson exploded onto the scene yesterday in Houston, completing two long passes, including a 46-yarder to rookie Antonio Bryant.

Meanwhile, Quincy Carter completed only one of six passes in only 10 plays on the field. "We don't want to put too much emphasis on one scrimmage," Carter said afterwards. He was understandably a bit defensive after two of those passes were batted down, and one was almost intercepted.

While the scrimmage proved to be beneficial for Hutchinson, the rest of the week clearly belonged to Carter. After shaking off some early jitters last weekend, the former Georgia Bulldog began to emerge as the leader of the offense as he showed steady improvement throughout the week.

"The key thing for me is to be consistent," Carter said. "I think if I can be consistent and go out and make the plays each and every Sunday, I think I'll be okay."

Consistency was the word up until Tuesday evening, when he struggled in his first action against the blitz. He would follow an interception that night with incompletions in 4 of his next 5 attempts in the 7-on-7 drills.

Carter would immediately turn it around the next morning by completing five of his first six passes, and he would remain on target through Friday's action against the Texans. And as Carter's peformance improved throughout the week, you began to sense that the team as a whole was finally ready to accept him as the starting quarterback.

You saw him becoming much more animated with his receivers and his offensive line. He offered instruction to rookies like Andre Gurode and Antonio Bryant, and he listened to quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson when he saw something he didn't like in Carter's throwing motion or footwork. Of course this also follows an outstanding offseason when Carter was typified as a workhorse in the weightroom.

And even with his struggles Friday evening, it has become crystal clear that Quincy reads the defense better, is respected more, and understands the game more than Chad Hutchinson does.

Sure, Hutchinson has the stronger arm, but that arm isn't going to win any championships until he understands what playing football in the NFL is all about. He has his work cut out for him, and quite honestly, that is just about what we would expect through the first week of training camp.

No surprises here, the early edge goes to Quincy Carter.

CowboyUpdate Winner: Quincy Carter

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