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Without question, Mario Edwards has made the case to be one of the starting cornerbacks for the Cowboys come September 8th in Houston. Unfortunately, no one else has done anything in the eyes of Dave Campo to warrant consideration to be there with him.

The Situation at Cornerback
Through the first 10 days of training camp, it has become obvious that the Cowboys' situation at cornerback is anything but settled. If the season started today, Mario Edwards is really the only guy that you would feel comfortable with playing as a true cover corner.

Edwards has looked comfortable in almost any situation during training camp, and he looks like he's ready to provide solid coverage on the left side this season. We've seen him stay step for step with Joey Galloway on the deep ball, and he also has lightning quick instincts on those shorter routes.

Bryant Westbrook is a different story. He has his days, but there are several interesting things going on with the former Longhorn that you might notice if you watch him closely.

For one, if Westbrook gets beaten deep, he'll latch on the opposing receiver and hold on for dear life. That right there is the one of aspects of his game that he'll have to improve on if he's going to start opposite Mario Edwards.

The good news on Westbrook is that he hasn't looked bad on the short routes, but those deep passes have burned him more times than Dave Campo would like to admit. Judging from the reaction of some of the coaches, Westbrook may need to work on turning those hips a little quicker on the deep routes.

Derek Ross could be the wildcard at cornerback. Ross has made the most improvement since early last week just by keeping everything in front of him and consistently doing a good job. "I think Ross is starting to do some good things out there," said Campo earlier today.

Both Ross and Pete Hunter have done some good things on the practice fields in the last several days. Keep your eyes on both of them throughout this week.

In terms of injuries, the Cowboys have seriously thinned out on the offensive line. "Tyson Walter has a left ankle tendon strain, and we are still evaluating that right now," said Campo. Larry Allen and Kelvin Garmon will both be out in Friday's preseason game against the Raiders. Backup OT Aaron Gibson, will also be out with a sprained knee. That leaves Dallas with 10 healthy offensive linemen headed into Friday's game against Oakland.

"If anything gets more serious, we may have to look on the wire and look at some things there to make sure we have enough to practice," Campo said.

The Morning Session
The morning practice session saw both quarterbacks come out of the gates focused and ready to play. Chad Hutchinson provided the most fireworks with a bullet touchdown pass to Jermaine Copeland. Quincy Carter also looked sharp completing his first 4 passes.

"This morning we worked a little bit more in the redzone so are 7-on-7 was inside the 20-yard line. Its tough to throw down there so we wanted to get some extra work," said Campo. "Both of them throw the ball well deep. I think that will be one of the strengths of this team with the speed on the outside."

The Tight-End Situation
Tony McGee has provided some leadership both on and off the field during training camp thus far, and he appears to be a good acquisition. "McGee is kind of a combination guy we are looking for, pretty good blocker, pretty good receiver," said Campo.

With the Cowboys going into a multiple tight end offense, several other guys will have the opportunity to step up- right now it appears that James Whalen may have the inside track. "I think Whalen is making a pretty good push to make this football team," Campo said.

In case you forgot, Whalen was one of the top tight ends ever to play in college at Kentucky. He has soft hands, and his offseason workout program has allowed him to add some much needed weight.

The Battle at Wide Receiver
The most intriguing battle through training camp has to be at wide receiver. Say what you want about any of these guys, but they all have come to camp ready to compete. "Rambo, Copeland, Williams, there are a bunch of guys out there- its a real good competition," said Campo.

Campo insists that their on the field play during the upcoming preseason games will determine who makes the great, and gets cut.

"All of the guys have done some things at practice that I like. I'm very pleased with Antonio Bryant at this point. Swinton has an edge because of this ability on kick returns. Rambo is a good receiver that can burn, and then Copeland- all he does is catch the ball. You've got a number of guys in there that go and catch the ball."

The Kicking Game
Dave Campo had nothing good to say Monday evening about the kicking game. "There is tremendous competition in the kicking area because I'm not happy with it," said Campo. "We haven't kicked the ball as well as we need to, and it's early. Could be the turf, but its not the snaps."

When asked if the Cowboys would look to bring other guys in, Campo said, "Anything is possible."

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