Second Fiddle

The spotlight doesn't seek Terry Glenn. Nor does Terry Glenn seek the spotlight. It's an understanding each has had since Glenn arrived on the NFL scene after attending Ohio State University.

That was 10 years ago, and while there have been three venue changes, Terry Glenn's desire for "top billing" has never wavered. The notoriety is simply left for others. Terry Glenn merely performs his job and performs it well.

Cowboys' fans can thank Bill Parcells for Glenn's arrival in 2003, and it was pure larceny. Do the names Corey Williams (DT – Arkansas State) and Andy Lee (P – Pittsburgh) do anything for you? Thought not, and they shouldn't. Both were sixth round Draft choices in the 2004 NFL Draft. Green Bay used the sixth round pick they received from Dallas in exchange for Glenn, traded it to San Francisco to move up a couple of slots, selected Williams, and San Francisco followed suit by drafting Lee. So, in hindsight, would you have traded the rights to Corey Williams and/or Andy Lee to secure the services of Terry Glenn? Bill Parcells, you should have been put in jail.

Since his arrival at Valley Ranch, Terry Glenn has done nothing (to date) but catch 153 passes for 2519 yards and 17 touchdowns. Yes, 17 trips to the end zone, and while nothing is ever scored on style points, with a touchdown netting six points no matter how you get there, half of Glenn's trips to pay dirt have been in spectacular fashion. Not too shabby for a sixth round Draft pick in four seasons worth of work. Especially considering the 2004 campaign was cut short by injury and the 2006 slate is barely off the launching pad.

Could the Cowboys have two more star-studded receivers who are direct, polar opposites in the HEADlines department? Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn, personality-wise, come from different planets. However, on the field, the stars are aligned. It's highly unlikely Owens has ever portrayed himself as a diversion, but the first few weeks of the season have proven there is a place for a multi-million dollar magnet on the field. That concealed, radiant light off in the distance is the subtle smile of #83. T.O. may not have known it at the time of pronouncement, but Terry Glenn may have taken the "get your popcorn ready" statement literally. While Owens continues to run public relations interference, Terry Glenn kicks back to take in the Prime Time highlights. Terrell Owens is the subject of TV producers while Terry Glenn simply produces.

Privately, has Bill Parcells ever told Terry Glenn, "This may eventually kill me, but it's going to be the best thing ever to happen to you?" Parcells would, and probably has, shared these exact same thoughts with Glenn. However, the same pronouncements would never be tossed Owens' way if the two roles were reversed. Why? Trust. One has earned it, and the other has purposely spurned it. The one thing Owens needs to accept and value he throws back in the face of team unity. He cannot, and will not, accept compliance. A black sheep has never been darker. Jaded eyes to disprove his upbringing.

See, this is where Owens fails. There is absolutely nothing wrong with personally taking underdogs under your wing, banding together, and fortifying the new boys club with t-shirt distribution, but what is the lesson learned? Another ego boost? Wow, the fellas actually like me. Great job Terrell, you really do reign in the world of your hand-selected chosen few. T.O.'s Alabama upbringing is well chronicled in the self-titled autobiography. Was it tough? Sure it was. Was it any tougher than the storied life of Terry Glenn? Hardly.

Yet, the mega star won't take the time to open up, share, and put himself on the same plain as his running mate when the spotlights are dimmed. He remains the Pied Piper for his select group while preaching to the masses. How humble might he become if he ever took the time to ask Terry Glenn about early life and the numerous personal struggles? Would there not be mutual understanding and appreciation? Would they not form a bond worthy of "I've got your back" proportions? A fortification, which requires time, trust and an open heart. It's doubtful the nomadic Owens will ever get to this point, and he continues to avoid teammate intimacy. As it's always been, the personae must be fed and fed regularly.

Cowboys fans, consider yourselves lucky. Barring injury, you're going to see a wide receiver thrive due to the talent that surrounds him. While Owens continues to pop the popcorn, he is the missing piece to the Terry Glenn puzzle. Terry Glenn has always needed the #1, go-to guy on the other side. Parcells has painted the picture, Bledsoe colors the landscape, and Owens allows Terry Glenn the opportunity to sign his name to the masterpiece. Little did Glenn know it would take the #2 receiver slot to propel him into the #1 role.

Terry Glenn is the glue for the 2006 season, and his humility and dedication is most appreciated by all. It's probably not his style, but Glenn should consider popping his head into the media contingency that is always gathered at T.O.'s locker. Stop down the entire line of questioning while looking Owens straight in the eyes. "Let me know if you ever want to talk." "About reality that is." Is that a pass Owens can handle?

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