No Need to Run Scared

IRVING, TX. - Dallas head coach Bill Parcells said Tuesday that the question of mobility in the debate about Drew Bledsoe and Tony Romo is overrated.

Parcells said he considers Houston Texans quarterback David Carr "pretty mobile," yet Carr holds the NFL record for being sacked the most times in a single season. Before Carr came along, the record was held by former Philadelphia and Minnesota quarterback Randall Cunningham, who was one of the best running quarterbacks ever to suit up in the NFL.

More important, Parcells said, is that the quarterback -- regardless of how mobile he is -- needs to be smart with the ball, and know when to throw it away to prevent taking a sack.

Sometimes, he said, it almost doesn't matter how fast the quarterback is.

"I'm just making the point," he said after mentioning Cunningham, "that having a mobile quarterback doesn't always lend itself to avoiding sacks.

"He has to be discriminant with the ball. He has to know when to run, and when to throw it away."

With that said, Parcells remains wary of the pass rush Bledsoe will face Monday night when the Cowboys host the New York Giants. The Giants boast a powerful pass rush, led by defensive ends Osi Umentiora (who has a team-leading four quarterback sacks), veteran Michael Strahan (one sack) and rookie Mathias Kiwanuka. But that doesn't mean he plans to forego other aspects of the offensive scheme merely to protect Bledsoe.

"We can't put all of our eggs in the blocking basket," he said. "We have to block them. We can try to help out with extra people in certain situations, but at the end of the day, we've got to block them."

Veteran guard Marco Rivera said that protecting the quarterback this week is no more important than it is in every other game.

"That's always important," he said. "That's our biggest priority -- keeping (Bledsoe) clean.

"(The Giants) have great personnel (in their pass rush). It's just a matter of attention to detail and effort."

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