Cowboys Searching for Answers

A season that began with the team selling out to win now -- that's why they signed Terrell Owens and gave Bill Parcells a contract extension -- is now possibly in the hands of heralded but unproven quarterback Tony Romo.

Simply put, the Cowboys are in full desperation mode now.

Parcells -- who is likely in his last year as coach and wants badly to make a run at the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl -- simply got fed up with quarterback Drew Bledsoe's mental errors, turnovers and lack of mobility.

It's bad enough that the Cowboys can't protect Bledsoe. What's worse is that he compounded the protection issues with mental and physical mistakes.

Perhaps Bledsoe is so shell shocked after countless sacks that he is seeing the rush, which is a no-no for a quarterback.

But he still has no excuses for the bone-headed interceptions.

The last straw for Parcells came at the end of the first half against the Giants, and with the Cowboys seemingly back in the game after looking to be blown out early.

Trailing 12-7 and facing second down at the Giants' 5-yard line, Bledsoe threw an out route to wide receiver Terry Glenn that was picked off by cornerback Sam Madison. Instead of taking the lead at halftime, a steamed Parcells decided to make the switch at quarterback.

What he was essentially saying is that Romo is not only the quarterback of the future but he might be best to help the team win now.

As much as the Cowboys like Romo's mobility, moxie and potential, he is still an inexperienced quarterback. Although he had his moments against the Giants, he was exposed as a green horn with three interceptions.

Clearly the decision was about Bledsoe not being the answer. With Super Bowl or bust goal, the Cowboys are hoping they can catch lightening in the bottle with Romo.

The problem with going Romo now is the Cowboys are facing their toughest stretch of the season. They begin a three-game road trip at Carolina, Washington and Arizona. They then have two home games against Indianapolis and Tampa Bay.

"I don't know that right now," Parcells said when asked if Romo would start Sunday. "We'll see what happens. I don't have to (make that decision) until a little bit later than tonight."

The Cowboys are still in the race so their fate could be determined by Romo.

But also keep in mind the Cowboys have yet to beat a team with a winning record.

Their three wins are against the Redskins, the Titans and the Texans.

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