Wednesday Injury Report

The Cowboys have suffered through massive injuries on the offensive line during training camp. Here is an extensive list containing information on all players that are expected to miss action this week.

FB Jamar Martin: sprained ACL, right knee (July 29: out for the year)
FB Scott Zimmerman: sprained left ankle (August 9: 2-4 weeks)
T Flozell Adams: right knee sprain (August 6: 4-6 weeks)
T Char-ron Dorsey: strained right calf (August 9: day-to-day)
T Aaron Gibson: sprained MCL left knee (August 3: out 2-4 weeks)
T Tyson Walter: sprained left ankle (August 4: day-to-day)
G Kelvin Garmon: concussion (July 31: day-to-day)
WR Richmond Flowers: strained left groin (August 11: day-to-day)
WR Bashir Yamini: right quad strain (pre-camp: day-to-day)
WR Anthony Lucas: fractured right patella (August 11: out for the year)
DE Dwayne Missouri: abdominal strain (August 3: day-to-day)
DE Peppi Zellner: strained left groin (August 6: 2-4 weeks)
CB Jason Bell: right great toe contusion (August 9: day-to-day)
S Lynn Scott: right thigh contusion (August 2: day-to-day)
RB Michael Wiley: sprained right ankle (August 9: day-to-day)

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