Parcells: Take It Slow

Ah, to be young and have the world at your feet. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo has become the apple of the eye of football fans and media alike, compared (with some reservation, presumably) to Joe Montana and linked (falsely) to Jessica Simpson.

Fans and media have proclaimed that the Cowboys, having won three of four since the 26- year-old signal caller replaced veteran Drew Bledsoe, are playing with "Romomentum!" Some -- but not all, it must be pointed out -- even have proclaimed themselves .... "Romosexuals!" Seriously -- some are embracing that term.

One person who has more at stake based on the way Romo plays than the rest of us is head coach Bill Parcells, and he seems to fall somewhere between the labels of "amused" and "annoyed" with the seemingly out-of-control Romo lovefest.

"You (media) are seeing this different than I am," Parcells said. "I see the warts. We're trying to eliminate them one at a time, and we've eliminated a lot of them, but there are plenty left."

Parcells sounded thankful when he added that he doesn't think Romo is buying into the hype too much.

"He's not a kid who's prone toward believing too much of what's going on," Parcells said. "He doesn't get too caught up with the good or the bad. I don't think he has any illusions about where he is."

Romo said much of what Parcells said is true, that he still is nowhere near the savior some make him out to be. Just in case, he said, Parcells is always there to remind him.

"Bill just wants to win, and so do I," Romo said. "How we go about it doesn't matter much."

Romo said that while Parcells is constantly "in his ear," his coach isn't picking on him as much as his reputation (see his tradition to have the team's top draft pick bring him water during training camp) might lead many to believe.

"Bill's not much of a needler," Romo said. "With all you guys say about me, he doesn't want a 'celebrity quarterback.' He's always talking, but 75 percent of what he says goes in one ear and out the other. It's the other 25 percent that you really have to listen to."

Cornerback Terence Newman said he believes in the idea of "Romomentum," while Romo sheepishly said he hadn't heard the "Romosexuals" term and had no comment on it at all. Wide receiver Terrell Owens said there's good reason for excitement about the team's young passer.

"Tony's been great for us," Owens said. "With what he's done, the way he can escape the rush, he's been a real positive for us.

"Tony's a guy who can relate to Brett Favre. He loves playing the game, and it shows."

While many talk about Romo's escapabililty and better-than-expected passing, it's his mind that Parcells said helps him the most in his development.

"He's really smart, almost too smart," Parcells said. "Sometimes, with guys that smart, they know where the conversation is going before it gets there. They want to get there before you do, and sometimes that means that they're not good listeners.

"That's not the case with Tony. He's a very bright guy, but he wants to learn, and he knows he has a lot to learn. Now he's in the process of becoming aware of what it feels like Monday (after a Sunday game) physically, what it's like menatlly. That's another thing he wasn't cognizant of. As the starting quarterback, you can't have a bad period of practice, because it affects everyone else. That's something you can't say about any other position."

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