Carter Should Expect a Controversy

Even with the announcement that Chad Hutchinson will start Saturday's exhibition game against the Atlanta Falcons, the perceived quarterback controversy still only exists in the mind of the most passionate Cowboys fan. Or does it?

When the Cowboys let it be known that backup quarterback Chad Hutchinson would start in Saturday's preseason game against the Falcons, the rumors that had so quietly settled down over the course of the last 3 weeks, fired right back up.

Yep, it's a full-blown quarterback controversy again. At least that's what most members of the media want you to think.

"Everyone wants to talk about ulterior motives, but there are none," offensive Bruce Coslet said Tuesday evening. "How many months have we been saying that Quincy is the starter? Do you not believe us? Do you think I'm stupid?"

While Coslet's antics are a tad bit defensive, he's right. The Cowboys honestly don't have any intentions of making Quincy Carter their second string quarterback- at least for now.

The facts are that Carter has had a brilliant preseason, both during practices in Alamodome, and during two exhibition games against the Raiders and Panthers.

The statistics prove that point. The second year signal caller out of Georgia has completed 21-of-27 passes for 177 yards and 1 touchdown. Impressive numbers when you consider Carter's performance in the preseason a year ago.

But with Hutchinson starting Saturday, even Quincy himself is wondering what is going on in the mind of the Cowboys' organization.

"I was a little surprised, but it's football. It's a business. Everything is not fair in life, but if you handle your business people will pat you on the back later for the way you handled this kind of situation," said Carter.

The bad news for Carter is that this "situation" probably won't go away this year unless he is able to do one of two things. One, earn a spot in the pro bowl, or two, lead the Cowboys into the playoffs.

That's how cut throat this league is, and with a prototypical NFL quarterback waiting in the wings, Quincy Carter should almost expect that kind of pressure.

Chad Hutchinson, has had a strong preseason himself, completing 13 of 24 passes for 129 yards and an interception- not bad when you consider he's spent the last four seasons playing professional baseball. Wonder what he can do if he has some more experience under his belt?

That's exactly what the Cowboys are wondering too. The first step to finding out that answer will be Saturday night, when the former Stanford star takes the stage with America's Team.

No, there shouldn't be a quarterback controversy in Dallas just yet. Especially when Quincy Carter is playing so well. But if the tide should turn, if Carter should falter in the least bit this season, the natives will undoubtedly become restless.

That's the life of an NFL quarterback these days. When you are trying to prove yourself, trying to establish your identity with a team, you should expect a controversy around every corner, and that's exactly what Quincy Carter is experiencing right now.

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