Pro Bowl: Planting Snubbery

It's one thing to have quarterbacks not look your way, but when fans, coaches and players don't give you a second glance, then there's a problem.

Sure, cases can be made up and down NFL rosters as to who should have received a Honolulu invite and who shouldn't. The same holds true every March when the NCAA Tournament officials gather to select their field of play for the world's largest office pool. Some one or some team is always left out, and the debates commence. This year's recipient of the Snub of the Year Award is unique in that it may be three, definitely two, years running. The fact that Terence Newman isn't scheduled for a flight to Hawaii in February is absolutely heinous. To compound matters, he doesn't possess the critical character flaws that kept teammate Terrell Eldorado (def = an imaginary place of great wealth and fitting is that?) Owens from darning a lei. So, what gives when it comes to Lock Down?

Before assessing the possibilities of why T-New didn't make it, let's visit one of the designated starters to represent the NFC. Not even stray spittle could keep DeAngelo Hall from making the trip to Hawaii. He being the same corner toasted for two touchdowns against the Cowboys in his home dome. Terence Newman has surrendered that very same total in two years worth of NFL labor. Regardless, Hall grabbed a Pro Bowl jersey as easily as he does opponents on a weekly basis. He may have Deion-like speed and flare, but quarterbacks aren't hesitant about throwing his way. While far from a complete "stiff" at the position, he is learning to improve his spelling. When constantly facing the backs of opposition jerseys, his improved vocabulary may also net him an invite to the National Spelling Bee.

Its ironic Terence Newman will square off against the NFC's designated alternate corner on Christmas Day. Talk about a holiday slap in the face. Let's see if this contest determines whether Newman was more worthy of Pro Bowl participation than Philly's Lito Shepard. Only time will tell, but here's predicting Terry Glenn and Eldorado will render Shepard merely pedestrian in his ways. Romo won't hesitate to throw his way, but it's a safe bet Jeff Garcia will think twice about tossing one to the receiver blanketed by No. 41. Hopefully Garcia will throw caution (and a couple of balls) to the wind and actually test Newman. Thus, presenting the opportunity for the entire free world to see Terence Newman in family room focus. There would be no finer, or befitting, Christmas present than Jeff Garcia gift-wrapping a couple of Terence Newman interceptions to pound home the point. Pro Bowl voters, you missed the boat (and were never on the dock) and failed to realize true Pro Bowl worthiness. He's not cut this way, but a fire burns inside of Newman, and he would like nothing more than to show the football world he was mistakenly passed over once again.

Can you go to jail for crimes of this nature?

In assessing reasons for Newman's Pro Bowl absence, you can start with lack of outright bravado and swagger. Terence Newman is not a self-promoter or limelight seeker. He possesses confidence and swagger, but they don't surface in Deion Sanders or Ty Law personae-like fashion. He quietly goes about his extremely effective business. There is no trash-talking, high-stepping, hand to ear hole production in Newman's game, yet no one works harder!

Parcells rarely sings songs of praise, but ask him to expound on Terence Newman, and he'll tell you, "This guy gets it." He's a relentless worker and a weight room monster. The first to arrive, the last to leave and smart as a whip. No one watches more game film to prepare for an opponent. He's a (dare it be said?) Parcells guy right down to the core. Big Bill would take 52 Terence Newman's if he could. He possesses all the ingredients needed in a dedicated winner. Yet, his quiet disposition keeps him off the national stage. He's a soft-spoken, humble, Midwestern kid. Respectful. Enduring. Mild-mannered. Talent-laden. All the tremendous qualities without the fanfare and look-at-me attitude. Unfortunately, the lack of self-promotion probably does him in year after year. No one seems to notice Terence Newman, and it's the greatest testament to the definition of a Pro Bowl corner. He's so good you never hear about him. Quarterbacks aren't about to become authors of the Terence Newman highlight reel. No one wants that privilege.

So, with Santa anticipated, the Christmas wish list reads accordingly: ten solo tackles, 6 assists, 5 passes defended, two forced fumbles, one recovered, two interceptions, one brought back to the house, three punt returns in excess of 40 yards, and one of those also finding the Promised Land. Devin who? Then, and only then, will the world know who the heck this Terence Newman is. It's unfortunate it would take this type of display to put him on the acknowledgement map, but the Cowboys' Nation realizes the star power they have at corner.

Pro Bowl or no Pro Bowl, Terence Newman is a class act who also happens to be one hell of a football player. Even if the rest of the world doesn't know it.

Come on Garcia, where's those gifts? Time to show the world. We dare you.

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