Carter Recovering Nicely

Quincy Carter went down Saturday night on a violent collision between Falcons defensive end Brady Smith and linebacker Keith Brooking. Fortunately for Dallas fans, all is well with the Cowboys top signal caller as the team begins to look to the season opener in Houston.

You could hear the gasp at Texas Stadium as Quincy Carter's helmet flew off after being sandwiched between two Falcon defenders Saturday evening.

Carter was taken off the field with 9:11 left in the third quarter, after completing 6-of-11 passes for 70 yards. After spending several minutes on the side line, the training staff thought it would be best for him to head for the locker room after he started complaining of a ringing sensation in his ears.

"Both my ears were ringing and I felt really dizzy," Carter said afterwards. "But I don't really remember much about the play." Fortunately, it was later determined that the he only suffered a bruised jaw. He'll likely be able to return to practice as soon as tomorrow, but the Cowboys may hold him out an extra day just to be cautious.

"There was no concussion or anything like that," owner Jerry Jones said. "He got better as soon as he left the field."

The injury, however, brings about an important lesson for Cowboy fans. You never know when your starting quarterback can suffer a long a term injury. We saw it last season when both Quincy Carter and Anthony Wright suffered ailments that kept them out of a combined 13 games.

Obviously that was one of the main factors in having Chad Hutchinson start Saturday evening. Dave Campo and Jerry Jones simply needed to see how he would respond as the starting quarterback, even if it was only for one quarter.

"We wanted to end any type of quarterback controversy," said head coach Dave Campo. "So we told him ahead of time that we'd only keep him in there for one quarter- no matter how he played."

Hutchinson was promptly taken out of the game at the start of the 2nd quarter, even though the Cowboys were driving down the field. He would finish the night completing all 3 of his passes for 25 yards.

Quincy Carter has proven in his short career in the NFL that not only can he beat you with his arm, but he can also inflict damage on the ground. Just ask the Falcons after he scampered 30-yards untouched setting up Billy Cundiff's 25-yard field goal before halftime.

While the benefits of having a mobile quarterback are tremendous, they also can be detrimental, and if you consider Carter's track record, you can understand why the organization wanted to have Chad Hutchinson start Saturday night.

"If you look at quarterbacks like Michael Vick or Quincy Carter, they put themselves at risk doing what they do best," Jones said. "We have to have our backup ready to go."

Carter has missed 12 games over the course of his last two seasons playing football, and even though he's rebounded on both occasions, there's always that chance he could go down again.

While 2nd year quarterback escaped serious injury Saturday night, you never know when the Cowboys might find themselves in the same situation later this year.

In the meantime, he can look back on Saturday night's hit as just obstacle to overcome. "I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as it looked on film," Carter said.

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