Cowboys - Jaguars Photo Gallery

The Dallas Cowboys finished up their preseason with a win Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Cowboys close the exhibition season with a 3-1 record. Here are some of the images from the 28-25 win.

Antonio Bryant is pulled down by Jacksonville Jaguars' Fernando Bryant, after a first-quarter catch. (AP)

Quincy Carter throws a first-quarter pass despite the defensive efforts of Jacksonville Jaguars' Marion McCree. (AP)

Mike Lucky is grabbed by the helmet by Jacksonville Jaguars' Wali Rainer during the second quarter. (AP)

WR Bobby Shaw attempts to run away from Dallas Cowboys defenders, including Keith Adams. (AP)

Jacksonville's David Garrard attempts to score late in the second quarter as Dallas Cowboys' Pat Dennis. (AP)

Jimmy Redmond makes a third-quarter catch despite the defensive efforts of Dallas Cowboys' Jason Bell. (AP)

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