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With the season opener in Houston almost 3 days away, there are many different stories developing out of Valley Ranch. Interest in Darnay Scott, injury problems on the offensive line, and talks about the offense seem to be the big topic of discussion this week.

* The Cowboys brought in former Jacksonville wide receiver Darnay Scott earlier this week. The move was more of a precautionary measure due to the nature of Reggie Swinton's hamstring injury. Swinton is now expected to miss the season opener Sunday evening in Houston, which has forced the Cowboys to practice with just 4 wide receivers.

Scott has a well-chronicled shoulder injury that has some people around Valley Ranch concerned, and rightfully so. It actually kept him out of practice in Jacksonville for most of the summer, but all reports now indicate that his physical went much better than expected and that he has been cleared to play.

With the Cowboys cutting Jeremaine Copeland on Monday, the receiving corps are currently in an uncomfortably thin state. Darnay Scott is a guy that you could call a "proven veteran." He's proven himself in the sense that he's caught almost 400 passes for 6,000 yards and 36 touchdowns in his 9-year career. Quite frankly, he just might be the answer the Cowboys are looking for right now at wide receiver.

* While the Cowboys injury woes on the offensive line have been well documented this preseason, no team has seen more problems in the trenches than the Houston Texans. Houston will rely on a makeshift offensive line Sunday evening that includes rookies Chester Pitts and Fred Weary, as well as career benchwarmers Jimmy Herndon, Ryan Schau and center Steve McKinney.

Don't be surprised if La'Roi Glover makes a splash in his debut for the Cowboys Sunday night. Glover knows that he can whip almost anyone off the line of scrimmage, and his first two sacks of the year may actually come before halftime.

While Glover will hit the Texans straight off the line, two other players figure to be in position for big plays against the Texans. The Cowboys will employ several different blitzing schemes involving newly acquired linebacker Kevin Hardy and rookie strong safety Roy Williams.

To make a long story short, it will likely be a long night for Texans' rookie quarterback David Carr. "We're going to do everything we can to get in his head," said Hardy. "I'm going to do what I can out there. Supposedly, they are also starting a rookie tackle so a lot of people around here are excited."

Hardy, who once was a source of concern in the Cowboys' organization, has been a pleasant surprise since early August. By all accounts, he has had no problems with the knee injury that sidelined him in Jacksonville a year ago.

* To all the Anthony Wright fans out there: nothing could have served the Cowboys better than to get rid of this kid. Wright, one of top athletes ever to emerge out of North Carolina High School football, never developed into half the player the coaching staff at the University of South Carolina thought he could become. The same thing could be said of his performance in the NFL.

Entering his fourth professional season, Wright completed just 70-of-151 passes for 5 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. His career quarterback rating is just 50.8.

But his feud with the Cowboys goes much deeper than just poor play. Dave Campo and Jerry Jones were extremely displeased by how he handled his injured wrist last year and Wright only made matters worse in San Antonio where he bashed the Cowboys' organization this preseason.

Don't fool yourself about Wright, he has been a whiner everywhere he's been in the last 5 years, and you'll see even more of it Baltimore. The rest of the league knows it- why else do you think the Cowboys were unable to even get a 7th round draft choice for his services this year? It may sound brutal, but good riddance.

* Before it's all said and done with, the 2002 draft may prove to be one of the biggest drafts for the Cowboys since 1989. As it stands now, 3 rookies will be starters this season, including center Andre Gurode, strong safety Roy Williams, and wide receiver Antonio Bryant. In fact, Gurode and Bryant may have been the top two acquisitions outside of the first round by any team.

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