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IRVING, TX - Vanderjagt trying to come back to Dallas? Coleman to New York? We've got the latest!

Quick takes on a quartet of Cowboys-related transactions (or transactions-to-be):

LEONARD DAVIS: In the over-simplified world of sports fandom, where the intracacies of the salary cap are a blur, the survey question to the man on the street about the massive O-lineman's signing is this: "Is Leonard David worth $49 million?''

Well, the man on the street is a school teacher, a plumber, a cabbie. What do you think his answer is going to be?

But in the complex world of NFL talent acquisition, taking a stab at a 6-7, 375-pound athlete -- even in exchange for a whopping $16 mil signing bonus -- is a no-brainer. We can discuss X's-and-O's here, we can discuss where Davis would best help, we can discuss Davis' Texas pride, we can discuss how having been the second player in his draft makes him a blue-chipper waiting to blossom, we can discuss how Tony Sparano might be the idea teacher for him. ...

Or we can just sit at the press conference and watch an odd scene unfold.

As Davis was meeting the press, popping into the conference room through a sidedoor was QB Tony Romo, grinning ear-to-ear. He shook Davis' massive hand enthusiastically, and later explained, "Any time you get a chance to stockpile great offensive linemen, I'm for it.''

Romo is more smiley on the front because he figures to get less dirty on his back.

Is that simple enough for you?

KENYON COLEMAN: I'm told that FA defensive lineman Kenyon Coleman has agreed to a big-money deal with the New York Jets, and will sign the deal on Tuesday. Lots of NFL people think Coleman -- who had a solid year with Dallas, recording 31 total tackles and four sacks -- can play inside or outside. And there's little doubt the Jets view him as a starter. "It's big-money,'' a source said, "considering the fact that he played only 30 percent of the time.''

No doubt in my mind that Dallas would've attempted to keep Coleman had the club not made such other "big-money'' deals with so many vets and highly-drafted kids.

BRAD JOHNSON: Sorry, I'm not a fan of this one.

Johnson has a relationship with Jason Garrett, so obviously this is largely the new O-coordinator's call. But I've seen virtually every pass ol' Brad Johnson (who will be 38 when the season starts) attempted last season, and he appeared to me to no longer be able to get the ball deep, to no longer be able to step up and avoid a rush, to no longer be able to serve as even a decent "bus driver.'' It's more than just the crummy numbers (nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions); it was a crummy performance altogether.

I hope I'm wrong (and I trust Garrett here). I hope Brad brings his trademark class and leadership to the locker room as he backs up Tony Romo.

But I also hope Brad Johnson never has to play.

MIKE VANDERJAGT: The Cowboys are sold on Martin Gramatica. But believe it or not, I'm told Mike Vanderjagt did try to flirt with Dallas, hoping he might get another chance. It ain't happening, of course. So word is Vanderjagt is talking to the Saints.

Which is fine with all of us, right?

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