Johnson Ready to Win

Former Vikings quarterback excited about coming to the Dallas Cowboys.

Entering his 15th year in the National Football League, Brad Johnson has seen just about everything there is to see as a quarterback.

And that's one of the reasons the Cowboys elected to sign him to replace the recently released Drew Bledsoe as a back up to Tony Romo.

Johnson, who signed a three-year deal Tuesday worth $7.5 million, arrives in Dallas knowing he'll be back up, but also preparing to be a starter just in case the unthinkable happens to Romo.

"My role is to be ready to play at any moment and my role will be defined in time," Johnson said. "I just want to be there and work hard and hopefully we can win a bunch of ball games."

Johnson also said he doesn't anticipate having to "coach" Romo too much this year. In fact, he's expecting big things from the Cowboys' starting signal caller.

"Tony knows football we already have a quarterback coach, he doesn't need another coach," said Johnson. "My thing is to just work hard in practice and have a great relationship with Tony and hopefully he'll have the greatest year of his life this year and do great things."

Last season with the Minnesota Vikings, Johnson completed 270-of-439 passes (61%) for 2750 yards, nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions. For his career he's completed 2,620-of-4,237 passes (61.8%) for 28,548 yards, 164 touchdowns and 117 interceptions.

He ended up signing with the Cowboys after taking visits to both Dallas and Denver. Interestingly enough, his reasoning behind the decision may come as a surprise.

You see, based on what Johnson said Tuesday, he has no desire to mentor a young quarterback. In fact, his main goal with Tony Romo is to build a strong relationship with him this coming season.

"The role was a little bit different and the situation was a little bit different for me coming to Dallas than it was in Denver," he said. "I thought both of them would've been great situations to be a part of. In Denver, they drafted Jay (Cutler) in the first round. He is the franchise, where they want him there for the next 10 years.

"He has a lot of potential and talent and they're looking more of a mentor role. And I don't know about that whole mentor thing. I really disagree with that. I think I'll have a great relationship with (Romo) and I want to keep it a great atmosphere in that quarterback room."

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