Cowboys Talking Trade?

In a report released earlier today, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones reportedly inquired about obtaining the services of San Diego Chargers' hold out cornerback Quentin Jammer. Any doubt now about who the Cowboys really wanted in the first round this past April?

Anybody out there now wondering who the Cowboys really wanted in this past April's NFL draft?

As you might remember, the ongoing debate centered on which defensive back the Cowboys really coveted, Texas cornerback Quentin Jammer or Oklahoma safety Roy Williams.

In hindsight, it appears as though it may have been Jammer, especially after every cornerback outside of Mario Edwards had a less than spectacular training camp in San Antonio. The former Longhorn star was drafted by the San Diego Chargers, two picks before the Cowboys went on the clock.

In an intriguing move, Jerry Jones apparently contacted the Chargers' organization earlier this week about the possibility of acquiring Jammer in a trade.

"I talked with John Butler (San Diego GM) about a myriad of things, including Quentin because he hasn't been signed," Jones told the Dallas Morning News on Friday.

"But I got no indication at all that they're going to do anything other than bring him in or let him go back into the draft next year. They said they wanted to sign him. Trading him was not a consideration."

Could Jones have tipped his cap as to which player the Cowboys really wanted in the draft by contacting the Chargers? Perhaps.

There was plenty of speculation at the time that if Quentin Jammer was available when the Cowboys went on the clock with the eighth overall selection, Jerry Jones and company would have picked up the former Longhorn star instead of Roy Williams.

But when the Chargers picked up Jammer with the fifth selection, it eliminated any potential draft day decision with the first round pick.

Make no mistake, Jerry Jones likes to wheel and deal, and certainly he's going to do all that he can to try and improve his team. "Part of my job is to talk to clubs who haven't signed players and see if we can't get something going," Jones said.

It just makes you sit down and wonder what might have been if Jammer was available. Certainly, the Cowboys have been more than pleased with Roy Williams and all the potential he brings to the table, but one more cover corner that could play with some of top receivers in the NFL sure would be nice.

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