DRAFT BLOG: Cowboys Making Right Moves

IRVING, Tex. - Check out our live updates from Valley Ranch, as TheRanchReport.com takes you as close as you can get to the Dallas Cowboys' war room on draft day!

8:23 P.M. - We haven't spent too much time making fun of Redskins and Giants and Eagles today. ...

So let's make fun of the Eagles.

ESPN reported the Philly selection of a QB, Kevin Kolb. They immediately hooked up with Philly coach Andy Reid, who handled himself smoothly when asked about Kolb joining a team already led by QB Donovan McNabb.

Then ESPN called in reporter Michael Smith, who noted that he'd just finished an "email exchange'' with The Great McNabb Himself.

Said Smith: "He was befuddled'' by the pick of a quarterback.

Hmmm. Where I come from, kids, THAT'S a story. But then Smith and ESPN stepped on the parking break. Smith reversed directions, hurriedly adding that while McNabb was "befuddled,'' he always handles controversies well. And then Berman and the boys insisted that any "competitor'' would react the same way McNabb is reacting.

Really? "Any competitor'' would go public with their "befuddlement'' over competition?


Speaking of QBs: Explain to me why a kid like Trent Edwards would invite the ESPN live cameras into his living room to watch his moment-by-moment anguish over playing what he just termed "the waiting game''? What, exactly, is in it for a Stanford quarterback? Cause he wants to be on TV?!
8:15 P.M. - A note about the selection of Anthony Spencer: I believe the Cowboys, while acknowledging of course that he's "a fit'' here, can also justify his selection by saying they are stockpiling talent and letting the cream rise to the top.

Spencer projects as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense, right? And he's a penetration guy, coming off a year when he recorded 10.5 sacks and a nation-leading 26.5 tackles for losses, right?

So, with DeMarcus Ware on one side and Bobby Carpenter and Greg Ellis on the other, isn't Dallas overloaded at outside linebacker? These things work themselves out, you see. Maybe Carpenter is best used as a utility man. Maybe Ellis does or does not fully recover from injury. Maybe Spencer becomes a player similar to the departed Kenyon Coleman, who in New York will play end and tackle for the Jets. (That last comparison isn't a maybe; that comes from a real live in-the-know football man).

If all four of them are good, all four of them will help.
7:40 P.M. - The "Character Risk'' Issue rears its ugly head at Valley Ranch – but NOT because the Cowboys took one. Rather, because they swapped WAY AWAY from one.

UNLV cornerback Eric Wright is considered by some a first-round talent. And there he sat at 53, with the Cowboys on the board. A cornerback would be nice. … Jerry and Wade and Todd Bowles and Calvin Hill and the fellas could surely keep him in line, right?

Dallas doesn't bother. The Cowboys swap the pick to Cleveland (Browns + Cowboys = True Love) in exchange for the Browns' picks in Rounds 3 and 4 and a swap of picks in Round 6. So Dallas avoids a "scary'' player and gets two mid-round picks in exchange.

Jerry is hot tonight!

Wright is involved in a date-rape/drug charge. It's nasty stuff. I guarantee that eventually Jerry and the Cowboys will let it leak that they steered clear of Wright because of the new NFL code-of-conduct bylaws.

And you know what? Give the fact that every darn thing Jerry has predicted has come true – including his pledge of a "character risk'' awareness – I will believe them.
4:23 P.M. - Is there any doubt that Jerry and his wildcattin' ways are back in charge of the War Room? The swap down sets up the Cowboys to be a firepower-wielding playa in the 2008 Draft, with two No. 1 picks.

A swap back up from what had been Cleveland's 36th overall spot turns into Anthony Spencer, the DE/LB the Cowboys had pinpointed as a guy worthy of being a late-first-rounder.

And Jerry's execution of a plan -- Old School Jerry, the one who drove his team through Draft Day as if it was a high-speed maze -- is so-far brilliant.

So much for my burrito break.

Back in the day, the Cowboys were all about multiple first-rounders. The Herschel Walker deal -- the gift that kept on giving -- allowed the Boys to in the span of 13 months select Alvin Harper and defenders Robert Jones, Kevin Smith and Russell Maryland.

That's how you build a defense right there: Three fresh-faced blue-chip starters acquired in 13 months.

Another chance to do it comes a year from now.

Meanwhile, in fairness to the Browns, they should be celebrating a little bit, too.

From a Cowboys point of view, this is a "wool-pulling-over-eyes'' day. But if you're Cleveland, you just secured the best O-lineman in this draft and maybe the best QB in this draft. You get a down-home fisherman-on-draft-day blocker for a home-grown Golden Domer. Cowboys fans can allow Cleveland fans a little happiness, no?

OK, now for that much-needed burrito -- and keep on hanging on every word at TheRanchReport.com throughout the weekend. I pass the baton. ... and coming up, more in-depth looks at the day's action (and I promise, I won't make fun of any women.)
3:45 P.M. - Can Jerry coach? Nah. Can Jerry deal? Yup.

And can he do it with his usual "wildcattin''' aplomb, especially when he's not bridled by a coach's CYA approach? Thankfully, double-yup. Assuming the Cowboys consider the players left on the board from now to 36 to be similar in potential (let's speculate that the group includes Grubbs, Staley, Merriweather, Spencer, Branch, Houston, Harris, Jarrett and three other prospects), Dallas gets a late-first-round-worthy prospect AND a 2008 No. 1 pick that oddsmakers would predict will be a top 10.


I need a burrito. And more Red Bull. Lemme take a breath, and I'll check back in as 36 approaches before I pass the baton to the full staff of TheRanchReport.com and Scout.com.
3:38 P.M. - OK, I think I got this right the first time.

And more importantly, Jerry got it right, too. The Cowboys will now have two first round picks in 2008. Which again, suggests that they don't think they need all that much help this season. Dallas swapped its first round pick to Cleveland for the Browns' second round pick (36th overall) and for a first round pick in 2008.

In defense of the move, forget "first round'' and "second round''; The Cowboys simply moved from 22 to 36. Not bad in exchange for a No. 1 next year that figures to be, you know, "Brown.'' Meaning a high pick.

Give Jerry some credit here: We won't know for years whether the plan deserves an 'A.'

But the EXECUTION of the plan is an A+. He said a week ago this was his dream scenario, and he pulled it off.
3:25 P.M. - Before TheRanchReport.com unveils its volumes of coverage of the move with the No. 22 pick of a trade-down with Cleveland -- which is, after all, the happy event we've been waiting for ever since Tony Romo bobbled that FG snap -- can we do a quick-take examination of a few things that happened that led us to this point?

* There remains a handful of worthy WRs from which to choose.

* They did not have to worry about taking Ted Ginn at 22 because Miami foolishly took the returnman at 9.

* They run the risk of forever being known as the team that gave away Brady Quinn.

* They got victimized by the run on DBs and therefore dropped back.

* They think starters grow on second-round trees.

* They waited until little time was left on the clock before they passed the card to the commish, sure to feed speculation that Jerry is, like Al Davis, a "man of mystery.''

* They really do think they're going to be good this year. So they'll worry about using first-rounders to upgrade in 2008.
3:11 P.M. - We are seven minutes away or less from knowing what the Cowboys do at 22. I'd attempt to pass onto you all the fake-expert analysis of folks swearing they know what the Cowboys will do here, but not even in the infinity that is the internet is there enough room for all of it.
3:09 P.M. - The proceedings haven't completely eliminated a DB from being Dallas' top pick, but... the run on safeties and corners narrows down the list of worthies to two: Houston and Merriweather.

Ready to test the "Character Risk'' Theory?

We'd be making a mistake to exclude Purdue DE Anthony Spencer from the list of 'maybes,' here, but taking him at 22 would seem to be in conflict with the buzz about Dallas wanting to swap down and land him. Is Anthony Spencer really the 22nd most gifted college football player in America?
3:01 P.M. - As long as we're trying to cover every base -- and trying to read between the lines of my scout friend's "we need a starter'' guideline -- should we mention that the Giants didn't pick an O-lineman, meaning Dallas is one pick away from not only having its pick of a handful of prime DBs (not Aaron Ross, though, he's a Giant) and a handful of WRs (Meachem and Bowe) but also its pick of O-linemen Ben Grubbs and Joe Staley?
2:58 P.M. - Another lesson in why you don't pre-plan a trade:

As week ago, Jerry Jones swore he had in his pocket an offer from a team to give a No. 1 in 2008 and a No. 2 for Dallas' 22nd overall pick. It didn't make sense to me when he said it, and it makes less sense now.

Why would a team make such an offer -- six days before the draft, mind you -- without having any knowledge of:

a) what the value of its 2008 picks might be?

b) what players would be available at 22?

And now here we are, the Giants on the clock, a min-run on DBs ongoing, Jax coming up next. ... and only NOW should Jerry let himself get excited about offers to trade 22.
2:52 P.M. - At the risk of being Brady-centic around here. ... as Quinn still sits and waits, and as KC sits one spot being Dallas at 23, can't we assume the Jones are on the phone with Carl Peterson? Shouldn't the Cowboys -- with no desire for Quinn -- try to pick up an extra pick and set the Chiefs up with the Notre Dame QB?
2:28 P.M. - Happy news: A source laughed at my mention of a recent published report that suggested the Cowboys didn't necessarily need to get a starter with their first-day picks.

"Why would we purposely draft a non-starter?'' he chuckled.

It's conceivable, of course, that with three picks to go before Dallas chooses at No. 22, the best guys on the board will be WRs (like Meachem) and DBs (like Ross.) And neither of them would project as immediate starters. What my source may be trying to tell me: Dallas isn't as locked into those two positions as some people think.
2:10 P.M. - Time to call BS on what many people will be an important theme in this Cowboys draft: "Character Risks.''

It's being reported that the Cowboys now "more than ever'' are taking into consideration a player's off-the-field problems and now "more than ever'' will pass on a prospect with a shady past.


Baloney Reason No. 1: This team has ALWAYS cared about character. So do the Bengals and the Titans and the Raiders and everybody else.

But. ...

Baloney Reason No. 2: Talent wins out.

Do the Cowboys have an "increased sensitivity'' to the issue because a miscreant might now be suspended for a full year under the rein of the new commish and his rules? Sure. But if this is really a hard-and-fast law, nobody will be drafting anybody from head-stomping University of Miami.

Do you believe teams will really avoid all the head-stompers, all the pot-smokers, all the steroid-samplers?

1:50 P.M. - Well, I wish a certain NFL scout friend of mine woulda told me this YESTERDAY about Brady Quinn, but here goes:

"I know a couple teams that had him down as a second-rounder,'' he says.

Again, the scout is still allowed to be my friend. But he needs to be a better friend on the FRIDAY of NFL Draft Week.
1:40 P.M. - The Trade Value Chart hasn't come into play yet, but it will. So let's cover that Cowboys-related story, shall we?

It isn't plagiarism. Especially when it comes to the information regarding the NFL Draft, media people "cross-check'' information with one other, and maybe even "borrow'' from one another. So in this case, I prefer to think of it as simply being an example of "Great Minds Thinking Alike.''

You will recall our story on TheRanchReport.com on April 18 detailing the truth about the much-ballyhooed "Trade Value Chart.'' We were the first to reveal the details of the chart some 16 years ago, and haven't seen the truth regarding its origins written about since.

Until now. It's been written about twice in the last few days.

Again, we tossed you a nugget about the chart on April 18, our focus being that it wasn't Jimmy Johnson's chart, but rather Cowboys VP Mike McCoy's chart.

And then, on April 27, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram brought you. … well, the same story. The FWST flushed it out in great detail, not unlike the way we did it a decade-and-a-half ago. But there are some notable similarities between our initial report and their story 10 days later.

WE WROTE: Everywhere now, it seems the use of the "Trade Value Chart'' is mentioned. It details what round of a pick equals what in trade. It is quite in-depth and detailed, apparently used almost universally now by NFL teams.

THE FWST WROTE: But his simple invention remains an NFL staple, as it is now common practice for teams across the league to use a draft trade value chart as a guide before making a deal.

WE WROTE: a concept that will come into play many times over the course of two days.

THE FWST WROTE: You can be sure a trade won't be made in this weekend's NFL Draft without the use of one of these charts.

WE WROTE: The Legend of Jimmy Johnson continues to be spun by people who never knew him. I give credit where it's due, but I also take pleasure in clearing up the record with I-was-there facts. … And who is completely and misguidedly credited with the creation of the formulaic "Trade Value Chart''? That would be Jimmy Johnson. Misguidedly.

THE FWST WROTE: Thanks to McCoy -- not Johnson, who has historically been credited with its creation -- the use of the draft trade value chart is the only way to make something happen on draft day.

WE WROTE: In fact, the creator of the chart is named Mike McCoy. He's an oil-and-gas man with a legal background who became a vice president of the Cowboys when his dear friend Jerry Jones bought the team. McCoy's not a football guy, and back in his days officing at Valley Ranch, he never pretended to be. But numbers and formulas and value? That was McCoy's department.

THE FWST WROTE: McCoy, an engineer who had a special gift for numbers, simply ran some figures and plotted a graph. It wasn't unlike what he had been doing his entire life.It certainly wasn't as complicated as the risky oil and gas exploration business, from which he made a small fortune a decade or so earlier. Hey, no hard feelings here. Glad we could be of service.

But I am still hungry. The FWST oughta make me a Red Bull-and-donuts run.
1:35 P.M.- How important is it to be a first-rounder?

Ask the championship Broncos, featuring Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis and Rod Smith, none of whom were drafted high – but all of whom made a fortune in the NFL.

Ask some of the clients of agent Jordan Woy like ex-Cowboy Brock Marion (seventh-rounder), who played in two Super Bowls and three Pro Bowls and was at one time the highest-paid safety in football. Or Yancy Thigpen (fourth-rounder), at one time the highest-paid receiver in football. Or just-departed Cowboys DE Kenyon Coleman, a fourth-rounder who just signed a $21 mil deal with the Jets.

"If you can play, you'll end up getting paid,'' Woy says.

1:22 P.M. - While Brady Q has left the building -- maybe he's going to go try baseball? -- a certain former Cowboys linebacker has just entered my private domain. (He must remain nameless; he's supposed to be at work.)

"No surprise,'' he says regarding Cleveland's selection of Joe Thomas over Quinn at No. 3. And regarding Dallas' plans at No. 22?

"I'm a defensive guy, so a DB makes sense to me,'' said the ol' LB. "And you know, Wade Phillips is a defensive guy, too.''
1:11 P.M. - Just visited with Dallas-based agent Jordan Woy, who is watching "The Brady Quinn Show'' with me and making fascinating points. Here's a beauty:

"In a lot of ways, while people think Draft Day is the greatest day ever for a kid, it's actually a rough experience. If you go second, you're pissed you didn't go first. If you end up 10th or 11th, and somebody thought you might've gone eighth or ninth, you're embarrassed like Quinn.

Added Woy: "I always tell my guys, ‘Brace yourself for the worst day of your life.'' Not exactly Little Mary Sunshine there, but it makes sense.

By the way, a source with great knowledge of the Cowboys' War Room says the mock drafts that match the Cowboys with Texas CB Aaron Ross at 22 "are onto something.''

Adds the source, who has a friendly relationship with Ross: "He's a good kid. Cocky? Yeah. A little arrogant and flashy? Yeah. But that's the nature of the position. He'll handle himself like a pro.''
1:05 P.M. - There will be a skillion (Jerry's word invention) times today when I'm as wrong as a Alec Baldwin voice message. So can I celebrate one righty in advance?

I wrote on TheRanchReport.com a while back that Dallas ' personnel dept. wasn't falling for the "Gotta Get a Hester'' line of draft thinking. That just because Hester did what he did for Chicago as a special-teamer wouldn't influence the Cowboys as it pertained to Ted Ginn Jr.

So I predicted Ginn would never be a first-round Cowboy.

As we creep closer to the ‘Boys at 22, that call is now made easier. Not only is Dallas not copycat-foolish enough to have used a first-round pick on a friggin' punt returner, but Miami just made it a moot point by reaching for Ginn.
1:00 P.M. - My apologies to anyone I offended by making fun of any of the women who are appearing on-screen on ESPN. Because I forgot to shave today, they all look WAY better than I do.

Maybe we're putting too much into the Draft. Or maybe the Cowboys aren't getting enough out of it.

Jerry Jones talked this week about how his Dallas roster isn't in desperate need of help at a particular position.

"We've got the based covered,'' the owner said. Maybe. Maybe the Cowboys can select a series of BAGs (Best Available Guys) because their roster is so good. Or maybe they can take BAGs because their roster could use ANYBODY.

Either way, something to keep in mind that might keep this day in perspective:

By my count, two-thirds of Dallas ' present 75-man roster WERE NOT acquired through the Draft by the Cowboys. (Guys, feel free to double-check my numbers. But I think I'm in the right range.) Having said that, making the RIGHT picks today figures to be the most impactful thing this already playoff-worthy team can do for itself, for this year and the ensuing decade or so.
12:50 P.M.- Louisville's Bobby Petrino, now the head coach in Atlanta, selects at No. 8 and takes DE Jamaal Anderson instead of former Louisville DE Amobi Okoye.

For long-time Cowboys followers, this is a been-there, done-that story.

When Jimmy first arrived at Valley Ranch, his grading of college talent continually led him to believe that many, many, many of the top players at their positions were his old U of Miami guys.

Jimmy, though, didn't believe his eyes; how could one school -- HIS school -- really be the source of all that talent?!

So Jimmy stayed away from flooding his roster with 'Canes. ... and later regretted it, because he discovered his first impression was accurate: His U of M guys WERE superior.

Falcons fans hope Petrino didn't just commit the same goof.
12:40 P.M. - Lucky or good?

Miami is up at 10 as soon as Atlanta takes the pick at 9. So the Dolphins figure to have Brady Q fall into their laps.

Atlanta, of course, cannot take a QB, lest Michael Vick sick a dog on him, throw a smoky water bottle at him or instruct his brother to gunplay him.
12:32 P.M. - Stop me if you've heard me say this before (because you have). ... But the Texans' present situation is EXACTLY why you don't map out definitive plans too far in advance.

From what I'm told, Houston isn't in the top eight slots in this Draft because they a) wanted Matt Schaub, of course, and b) never thought Adrian Peterson (and probably Brady Quinn) would still be around at 8.


By the way, Adrian Peterson won't be a Cowboy, but Cowboys fans get to see him twice this year. Once in the preaseason, once at Texas Stadium in the regular season when his Vikings make a visit.

Agent Tom Condon just said on ESPN that his clients -- yeah, he reps both Quinn and Peterson -- will "be fine'' and suggested that somebody is going to be making a trade-up pretty soon.

I'm sticking with my belief that Miami wants to swap up to take a stab at Quinn.
12:08 P.M. - Levi Brown goes to Az. Okaaay, but while Levi Brown be a better, more impactful player than AP?

Meanwhile, ESPN keeps showing Brady Quinn, as if he's supposed to be disappointed as he stays on the board. It's not an issue yet, I tell ya; it's an issue of Minny skips him at 7.

Speaking of Brady: Is it just me, or as he slips in this Draft, does the attractiveness of the women sitting around him also slip?
12:01 P.M.- There goes the first defensive player, Gaines Adams. (Berman just said, "When a runner goes against him, it's ‘No Gains Adams.'' Nobody laughed.)

And we're only, what, three hours away from the Cowboys' pick?

Here comes Arizona and the first real "need'' vs. "talent'' debate. The Cardinals have Edge. So why taka a RB? I never waver from my answer: Because that RB, Peterson, is the BAG.

You've got Edge and Adrian on the same team, and that's a bad thing? Nah. I collect talent, and I've got all summer to sort it all out.

I suppose Arizona will take defense. And then they'll watch AP crush people -- including themselves -- for the ensuing 10 years.
11:55 A.M. - Looking for logical fits?
Next comes Tampa. Do they draft for Detroit?
Then comes Arizona. That's Adrian Peterson, right?
Then comes Washington. A trade down?
Then comes Minnesota. Brady Quinn?

Oh, and I'm told Miami might want a piece of Brady Quinn's sudden availability.
11:49 A.M.- It always catching my eye when Suzy Kolber takes the ESPN stage. No, not because of her infamous connection with Joe Namath. Because of her memorable connection with the Cowboys. One of Suzy's first jobs was at Valley Ranch, working with the in-house media production team.

She was adorable, of course, as she is now. (Agreed?) But she was. ... um. … less polished. Indelible image of Suzy at Valley Ranch back in the early '90's:

Her, walking briskly down the convoluted hallways of Valley Ranch, wearing an ankle bracelet. And no shoes.

Well, they've got fishing in Cleveland. (Heck, in Lake Erie, they've probably got fish with three heads.) So O-tackle Joe Thomas works. But how does Ohio native Brady Q not work in Cleveland? He's a "franchise QB,'' he's a Notre Damer, he actually WANTED to play there. … Maybe there'd be no place in Cleveland for Brady to get himself a much-needed haircut?
11:34 A.M. - Calvin Johnson may be ready to go No. 2. And he seems awfully happy about it. Surely he's happy because he's heard the rumors about Detroit selecting him and then swapping him out of that WR graveyard, right?

Meanwhile, if ESPN is going to have Keyshawn Johnson on the set, and the subject is WRs, shouldn't Keyshawn be assigned to discuss the position, break down the guy's talents, whatever? Having Keyshawn dissect trade posibilities is as valuable as having Tony Kornheiser dissecting X's-and-O's.

Oh, yeah, ESPN's already done that this morning, too.

Never mind.

And there Calvin goes. To Detroit. For now.
11:29 A.M. - Two early stories being spun like mad:

1) "Al Davis is full of mystery.''

2) "Joe Thomas wants to get away from it all.'' The Raiders' oddball owner used much of his 15 minutes to make the selection of JaMarcus Russell. Was it him being "mysterious''? Or (more likely) was he simply soliciting offers? Or, maybe, had Mr. Davis fallen and was unable to get up?

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin O-lineman is the most notable premier pick who isn't in NY. Why? Wants to get away from it all, you see, so he's away from all the attention. He's off fishing.

Of course, there are cameras on the fishing boat. You know, while he's "getting away from it all.''

Also ESPN's Chris Berman just said the selection of Russell is reminiscent of long-ago top-overall pick Billy Cannon of LSU eventually playing with the Raiders at one point in his career.

Cannon went to LSU. I get it. Russell went to LSU. I get it.

But Chris, if JaMarcus is only destined to have a Cannon-like pro career, that would not be a very good thing for Oakland.

11:17 A.M. - There seem to be lots of Dallas trade-down bubbles floating. May I burst the bubble?

No way Dallas is already laying out the specific details of a what-if trade-down from 22 while pinpointing somebody like Purdue DE Anthony Spencer.

I'm not saying the Cowboys don't like Spencer, or that he won't be targeted three hours from now. But at this point, it's all talk, and it's as likely that Dallas is talking about moving up as it is of moving down.

Speaking of which: While rumors of Oakland (at 1, almost certainly trying to lock down on QB JaMarcus Russell) and Detroit (at 2, almost certainly frightened to death about goofing up another premier pick) listening to offers are everywhere, let me remind you of the words uttered by a Dallas staffer to TheRanchReport.com a couple of weeks ago concerning OU runner Adrian Peterson:

"He's the closest thing to Bo Jackson we've ever seen.''

Food for thought, is all I'm saying.

11:04 A.M.- Hate to take your excitement level down a notch, but. … Welcome to a strong candidate for "DFW Sports Worst Week Ever.''

What a craptastic seven days it's been around here: We're holding a Byron Nelson without Byron Nelson. The Stars are booted from the NHL playoffs after a seventh-game in Round 1. The Mavs face a 1-2 first-round deficit after losing two games to No. 8 seed Golden State led by former mentor Nellie. The Rangers are hovering right around their rightful place. (Last.)

All we really need to cap off this week-long orgy of DFW Sports failure: the Cowboys use their first-round pick to find themselves another Shante Carver.

(Can we hope that the trade-down rumors involving Purdue DE Anthony Spencer don't represent Shante Redux?)

Aw, excuse my nasty mood. I'm going to find a Valley Ranch refrigerator I hear is stocked with Red Bull and donuts. That oughta cheer me up. We are almost underway in New York , with new commissioner Roger Goodell beginning the day with a tribute to the lives lost in the Virginia Tech shootings. Joining Goodell on stage was a handful of former Hokies players, including the controversial Michael Vick.

Were fans supposed to hoot at Vick during a Virginia Tech memorial? And if it is OK, may I ask this question: Shouldn't Vick skip an appearance in NY to instead go home and feed his dogs?


Here's the plan: One laptop. One cellphone. A shady spot outside the Cowboys' Valley Ranch headquarters. A switch to a busy spot inside Valley Ranch. A visit to Guero's Mexican Restaurant in the shadow of the Cowboys complex.

I'll live-blog from The Ranch and the surrounding area from now until the time when Dallas is on the clock, at which point we'll all get caught up in the power and the glory of the coverage of the entire Scout.com and TheRanchReport.com staff.

So brace yourself. I need a donut. And maybe a pass-rusher.

Back in a minute.
8:44 A.M. (Central) - TheRanchReport.com's 2007 NFL Draft blog is now officially up and running. Mike Fisher will be live, on location at Valley Ranch reporting all the day's news, notes and rumors. Stay tuned!

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