Insider Notebook: Romo on Another Level

IRVING, Tex. – Maybe it's just a matter of perspective. Maybe Tony Romo just looks better because the Elite of NFC Quarterbacks – the Vicks and the Favres and the McNabbs – are in such disarray.

But during the Cowboys' morning minicamp workout on Monday, Romo simply looked terrific. I charted the Cowboys' plays during the 7-on-7 drills, and they went something like this:

* Romo, 9-route complete to Owens, beating Henry, touchdown
* Romo, deep-out complete to Hurd
* Romo, quick-out complete to Austin
* Romo, quick-out complete to Richardson
* Romo, deep seam complete to Polite
* Johnson, dump pass intercepted
* Johnson, pass batted down at line of scrimmage
* Johnson, dump pass complete to Thompson
* Baker, deep post, intercepted by Butler
* Baker, deep seam, complete to Hannah
* Romo, deep out complete to Owens
* Romo, curl complete to Fasano
* Romo, quick-out complete to Witten
* Romo, deep post complete to Crayton, touchdown
* Romo, swing pass complete to Barber
* Johnson, deep out complete to Hurd
* Johnson, swing pass complete to Thompson
* Johnson, curl complete to Austin
* Moore, poor throw intercepted
* Moore, dump complete to Fasano
* Moore, dump complete to Urban
* Moore, swing pass complete to Battle

Quick thoughts on what I saw: Dallas went four wide even with a two-tight end personnel group, Witten and Fasano both taking turns lining up on the outside. … The Cowboys mix-and-matched first-, second- and third-team skill-position guys with each quarterback. ... Later, T.O. noted that there might be times we might see him line up at tight end this season, something that was not unveiled here. ... Hurd's work ethic and Crayton's burst stand out. … Brad Johnson is still Brad Johnson. … And most of all, Romo. He was 10-of-10, rarely settled for the easy throw but when he did so did it quickly, and showed terrific touch on every deep throw. And as a guy who has in the past questioned his arm strength, well, those deep outs are supposed to be tough to throw – but not this morning they weren't.

WHO'S HOT: Mat McBriar. This may sound astoundingly boring, and maybe you had to be there, or maybe I'm just starved for football in any form. But I was fascinated by the work of the Cowboys punter masterfully practicing coffin-corner and directional kicks. He was dumping the ball in a 10x10-yard square in a corner in front of the end zone with greater accuracy than the NBA's best free-throw shooter.

WHO'S NOT: Anthony Henry. It's 7-on-7 stuff, so again, you can't put too much stock in it. But both Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn seemed to have their way with the veteran cornerback.

QUOTABLE: "It's funny. People can say a lot of things when they're gone. I think he probably had a chance to answer that question when he was here.'' – Terrell Owens, responding to questions about Bill Parcells' claim that he never approved of T.O.'s acquisition.

FISHELLANEOUS: Right guard Leonard Davis was back at practice for the morning workout after missing a day to be with his wife while she underwent minor surgery. … Owens suggested strongly that his much-publicized problem with dropped passes last season had much to do with his finger injury. … One of the papers wrote that receiver Sam Hurd "dives (for balls) when not necessary and it leaves himself open to injury.'' Truth is, there is very little dangerous about sliding along the ground in pursuit of a football. The danger, in fact, is in NOT doing it. Because if somebody like Sam Hurd doesn't go out, he'll be in danger of being fired. … Among the observers at the second-to-the-last workout of the minicamp was Nate Newton, who jovially greeted Cowboys young and old.

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