Ellis Wants to be Released

IRVING, Tex. - Veteran DE-turned-OLB Greg Ellis sounds like a man who has resigned himself to the fact that his playing career, at least with the Cowboys, might well be over.

To hear Ellis tell it, the choice might not be his.

Owner Jerry Jones told the media that he has no plans to meet with Ellis over recent comments Ellis made regarding his future with the team. Ellis, whose 2006 season was shortened when he blew out his Achilles tendon, said he had been under the impression he would get a chance to meet with Jones to discuss his concerns and his future.

"When you have an employee, in any job, with a concern … I was told by Jerry that we'd have a meeting," Ellis said. "If Jerry told you (the media) that we're not going to have a meeting, I think that pretty much answers your questions. That sums it up. The ball's in Jerry's court."

Ellis said the progress of his rehabilitation could make any possible standoff a non-issue. He said he wants the same level of commitment from Jones that he plans says he is putting into his rehab.

"If the ankle isn't at 100 percent … and then they take a guy with their first pick — I know it was the second round — at your position (Anthony Spencer), that says a lot. Jerry's the owner, and I understand — it's business. I'd just like them to make a move, to release me. Or they could re-structure my (contract). I don't want to leave Dallas, but I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted. I'm not going to compromise who I am as a person.

"You guys know me enough to know that I'll play through pain, but I'm not going to go out there with a lack of commitment, and I feel like there's a lack of commitment from (the Cowboys).

"I'm disappointed, more than anything. 'In limbo' — that's a good way to put it. There's not any bitter feelings — I know it's just business. I'd just like (Jones) to say 'Greg, I appreciate your time here but we've got a first-rounder at your position and we're going to move in another direction.' But he hasn't done that, and now he told you (media) that we're not going to have a meeting."

Ellis maintained that until he is traded or released, he will continue to rehabilitate his ankle in the hopes of getting back on the field for the Cowboys.

"I have nothing to prove to other teams (in terms of potential trade value," he said. "I'm going to play if Greg Ellis can play like Greg Ellis. If I can do that, my value is there."

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