Davis Happy to be Back in Texas

IRVING, Tex. - Question: How do you make a 320-pound man look skinny? Answer: stand him next to Leonard Davis.

Sure, it's easy to talk about how big (6-foot-6, 366 pounds) Davis is, but it's a subject that just can't be avoided. He's talented. He's strong. He moves pretty well. But the first thing anyone notices about him is that he's absolutely huge.

Marc Colombo is enormous in his own right, standing 6-foot-8 and weighing in at 320 pounds. But he looks like a shooting guard in a helmet when he stands next to Davis. Colombo and 6-4, 312-pound center Andre Gurode, who will flank Davis on his left side, look like NFL offensive linemen. Davis looks like he could be an entire offensive line.

For someone whose sheer size and strength make him tremendously intimidating, Davis has a wide smile that warms up a room. Since signing with the Cowboys after six seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, he has flashed that smile frequently.

"It's fun," Davis said when asked what it's like to be back in Texas (Davis grew up in Wortham, south of Corsicana, and played for the Texas Longhorns). "Being back here, my family can come see every home game, rather than just one or two games a year."

Davis said the lure of playing for the Cowboys was significant, in part because of the tradition of the franchise.

"It's not that there was no history in Arizona," Davis said. "But Dallas is a team where you're expected to win. I played in college at Texas, where you're supposed to win. Then I went to Arizona, and they want to win, too, but sometimes it seemed like we all had different ideas about what we were supposed to be doing. When you come here, you know the expectations, and everyone's working to reach those expectations."

Davis played primarily tackle with the Cardinals, and while he could fill in for Colombo or Flozell Adams at tackle, he is taking over for Rivera at guard, a position he says better suits his abilities.

"When you play tackle, you've got a guy (defensive end) lined up 3-5 yards outside, and you can't really get into a rhythm," he said. "When you play guard, the hard part is that you can get up into a guy immediately since he's right there across from you. But when I play guard, I'm on the guy immediately so I can use my size and strength to my advantage."

Offensive and defensive linemen continue to get bigger throughout the NFL, although it's rare that he ever sees anyone his size across the line of scrimmage. He said it's not uncommon for a defensive lineman to have a little fear — or at least intimidation — in their eyes.

"Oh yeah, I've seen that," he said, laughing. "There are times I've looked at a guy and when he sees me, he has a look in his eyes like ‘Oh my god, this big guy is coming at me.' That's a pretty good feeling."

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