The Cowboys' Summer Vacation

A homework assignment question: What Are The Cowboys Going To Do During YOUR Summer Vacation? Answer: Not much.

The Cowboys have released the details of their brief stay in The Alamo City, and frankly it reads like one day of San Antonio fiesta and 15 ensuing days of San Antonio siesta.

Remember two-a-days, the Junction Boys-like Texas tradition? Dead as Bear Bryant.

The Cowboys will endure just six episodes of two-a-days, and never on back-to-back days. The other nine workout days feature a single 2:30 p.m. practice (wouldn't want to disrupt anybody's morning nap!)

I'm kidding about the lack of a workload, of course; there is no "right'' answer for how much a team should endure during camp, and in this salary-cap era, maintaining a team's health is just as important as clobbering one another. In coach Wade Phillips' case, he's seen training camp handled a variety of ways. But as a disciple of both his dad, Bum, and ex-Bills coach Marv Levy (whose teams traditionally were the last NFL clubs to begin camp), it figures that this Cowboys camp won't resemble a Bataan Death March.

Still, it's somewhat notable that Phillips will meet with the media once daily (when there's been a single 2:30 workout, he'll speak about a half-hour after the end of practice, say, at 5 p.m.; when there are two practices, he'll speak a half-hour after the a.m. session, say, at 11:30.). Count up the Tuesday, July 24 festivities (a 3 p.m. State of the State presser and then a 6 p.m. Kickoff Event, neither of which includes any actual football practice) and Wade is talking almost as much as his team is practicing.

The tentative schedule:
Tuesday, July 24: 3 p.m. opening press conference; 6 p.m., Kickoff event
Wednesday, July 25: 230 practice
Thursday, July 26: 9 and 330 practices
Friday, July 27: 230 practice
Saturday, July 28: 9 and 330
Sunday, July 29: 230 practice
Monday, July 30: 9 and 330
Tuesday, July 31: 230 practice
Wednesday, Aug 1: 9 and 330
Thursday, Aug 2: 230
Friday, Aug 3: 230
Saturday, Aug 4: 9 and 330
Sunday, Aug 5: 230
Monday, Aug 6: 9 and 330
Tuesday, Aug 7: 230
Wednesday, Aug 8: 230, and break camp.

And that's it. All at the Alamodome. Presumably with the A/C cranked. It's a good thing the Cowboys got so much accomplished at the minicamps and the OTAs, eh?

Of course, will be there for all of it. ... laboring at camp so hard that we may work up more of a sweat than the players. Nine single-day workouts. Six two-a-days.

Seventeen press conferences. A bunch of parties. All in the span of sixteen whirlwind days.

The Cowboys' summer vacation is about to begin. And -- with a schedule so brief Lindsay Lohan spends more time in rehab -- the Cowboys' summer vacation is about to end, too.

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