Most Underrated Cowboys: #5

As training camp begins, Cowboys fans everywhere are scrutinizing rosters, stat sheets and scouting reports.

Texas Rangers box scores (OK, that was for comedic effect) are replaced at the breakfast table by lists of players who might get cut and be available as free agents during training camp.

Every team in the NFL would like to have the marquee player, the No. 1 draft choice and the mega-million free agents. But as Daniel Snyder has shown, a Super Bowl isn't won through limitless spending. The salary cap dictates that teams have to stock their roster with bona fide stars, but also with players who won't grab all of the headlines, but will fulfill major roles with their teams. They don't have to be bargain-basement players, in terms of financial commitment by the teams, but they have to produce a lot of bang for the buck, even if they're overshadowed by their more notorious teammates. They're underrated by media and fans, at times, but they're treasured assets in the opinions of their teammates and coaches.

So who are the most underrated Cowboys?

5. Terry Glenn
The Cowboys' "other" receiver is the anti-T.O. Whereas Terrell Owens draws a media throng that evokes memories of the Beatles' arrival in the United States, Glenn avoids members of the media as if reporters all carry some kind of disease. When the locker room is open, Glenn often comes out of the shower, grabs his clothes and heads to the training room off limits to the media to change. If a reporter does corner him, which is rare, it takes an act of Congress to get him to speak Glenn is the master of the "no comment" response. But while he dodges the spotlight, Glenn quietly goes about his business, creating reasons for the media to want to talk to him. As he enters his 12th season in the NFL, he remains one of the fastest deep threats in the entire league, and unlike so many college track stars teams try to make into football players (see Ed Hervey, Alexander Wright, etc.), Glenn runs precise routes and has sensational hands. For a smallish (5-11, 195) receiver, he will go across the middle and make the tough catch, whether it involves wading through traffic or getting ready to take a big hit. There was a time early in his career when it seemed like Glenn wanted the spotlight. Now he defers to Owens and the rest of his more vocal teammates (which includes just about all of them), and quietly continues to produce, year after year.

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